Metal cladding, design, recovery, and valorization: how an industrial building was reinvented
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Metal cladding, design, recovery, and valorization: how an industrial building was reinvented

The Petruzzi Group’s Tipico Cash&Carry

Metal cladding, design, recovery, and valorization: how an industrial building was reinvented
By Editorial Staff -
Fabris has participated in the project

On a narrow strip of land between a highway to the west and a railroad to the east, beyond which farmland extends uninterrupted to the Ionian Sea, is an industrial building that fell into disuse many years ago. Located in the Italian region of Basilicata, the structure was recently recovered and repurposed under a project developed by Teseo Consult in close collaboration with Gruppo Fabris. The project, and its use of the Elysium roofing system, is the subject of a supplement dedicated to the group in THE PLAN 148. Entitled Metal Cladding: Design, Recovery, and Valorization, it examines different aspects of the group, which specializes in roofing and façades for all types of buildings.

Established in 1946, over the years Gruppo Fabris has developed specialized skills in the production and installation of advanced solutions for the renovation of industrial buildings of the kind featured in the supplement. Made of prefabricated reinforced concrete during the seventies, the building was originally used for processing, storing, and distributing fruit and vegetables. It was later taken over by a food distributor that planned to upgrade the existing refrigeration, and create a center for the storage and distribution of fresh produce. The central section of the building, previously used for processing fruit and vegetables, has now been converted to a cash & carry.

Following its “Fabris 360” approach, Gruppo Fabris was involved in the structural upgrade of the building. This began with a detailed analysis of its condition, followed by the planning and execution of each job identified. A new roof and new façade cladding were added, along with the installation of a 200 kWp photovoltaic system and a structural seismic upgrade. The new four-pitched roof was built using Elysium metal roofing. Hermetic lap joints protect the building from water infiltration, despite the minimal roof pitch. The dry insulation package, in this case using mineral wool, can be easily separated and disposed of at the end of the roof’s life cycle, ensuring recyclability and ease of removal. Finally, the roofing material, galvanized steel pre-painted white-gray, ensures that the roof will be durable while also reducing heat absorption, this flowing on into reduced costs.

The many aspects of the project can be explored in greater detail in the supplement to the September issue of THE PLAN, along with plans, details, and elevations.


History and highlights of Gruppo Fabris and the Elysium system

 © Daniele Domenicali, courtesy Gruppo Fabris

The first pages of the supplement look at the group’s approach to this project and its different aspects, including energy efficiency through the installation of thermal insulation on the façade and roof, seismic upgrading, the design and installation of a photovoltaic solar system, the creation of architectural façades, and the redevelopment of façades and roofs with the Elysium system. This last point is the subject of the final section of the supplement, which focuses on how the roofing product combines the aesthetic impact of double standing seams with versatility and ease of installation. The basic element of the system is a profiled metal sheet, whose shape is designed for quick, accurate installation between elements using a snap-lock pressure system. The rib is designed for attaching services, fall prevention systems, snow guards, and so on, which can be seamlessly integrated into the roof without drilling.

Again, more information on the product is included in the supplement.



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