Marazzi presents: The Tile Club
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Marazzi presents: The Tile Club

Marazzi presents: The Tile Club
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The Tile Club is a temporary space created by Marazzi in order to provide a haven for people who work with tiles, or simply love them. Curated by Matteo Cibic with Studio Blanco, The Tile Club was conceived as a unique experience to host the new Grande 2018 slab collection by Marazzi, as well as special performances and ceramic paintings. Inspired by a traditional British Gentlemen’s Club, the Marazzi space is open to anybody interested in the production of tiles elevated to an art form. The Tile Club is comprised of five different rooms: a lobby with its doorman, a central open lounge, a cafe, a wunderkammer and a bistrot. The Tile Club was designed using Marazzi 2018 Grande collection, which adds the bigger sizes 160x320 cm and 162x324 cm to the regular 120x120 cm and 120x240 cm slabs. Two different thicknesses, 6 and 12 mm, and new looks inspired by the most exquisite marbles, the tactile personality of concrete or the mineral allure of metals.



Matteo Cibic is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning designer based in Italy. He’s known for his objects with hybrid functions and anthropomorphic and joyful shapes. He works indiscriminately with industrial processes and small artisans, for luxury brands, collectors and hi-tech companies. His works are displayed in museums, institutions and galleries worldwide. Matteo has been awarded International Young Talent of the Year 2017 by Elle Decor.
Studio Blanco is a creative agency, expert in crafting brand image. It was founded in 2005 by Sara and Valerio Tamagnini. The agency designs digital and physical experiences to help brands flourish in the high end and luxury market, connecting them to a broader cultural context. Since September 2013, Studio Blanco is in charge of the art direction of Living, the interior and lifestyle magazine of Corriere della Sera, Italy’s largest newspaper by circulation. Marazzi Group, present in more than 140 countries, is universally recognised as synonymous with high-quality ceramic tiling and epitomises the best of made in Italy in the furniture and design industries. Marazzi was founded in 1935 in the district of Sassuolo (Modena), the widely renowned main point of production of ceramic tiles. Marazzi is responsible for the main technological, process and design innovations that have made the district a point of reference for the entire ceramics world. Marazzi is part of Mohawk Industries, Inc., the world's largest flooring manufacturer, a multinational company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

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