M-Rad Architecture designs Hudson Yards Hotel
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M-Rad designs Hudson Yards Hotel

M-Rad Architecture designs Hudson Yards Hotel
By Redazione The Plan -

Matthew Rosenberg of M-Rad (Los Angeles) has completed the concept for their first Manhattan commission for Sean Ludwick’s Blackhouse. M-Rad’s Hudson Americano is designed to pull our attention upwards. Rising nearly 740 feet tall, MRad takes advantage of the sun’s natural trajectory to create the perception of a dynamic undulating facade. As the sun traverses across the sky the undulating facade reflects and absorbs the suns light depending on the time of day. As the light shifts so does the perception of the facade as it protrudes into the city street or recede’s back into the building. As we move past the facade from the street or from the luxurious interior suites, we are never quite sure whether the building seems to be moving away or towards us. Rosenberg refers to this as natural magic, a simple solution to skew our everyday routine.
The angles of the facade panels are based on the most efficient array of glass, metal, and concrete in order to absorb the heat in the winter months and reflect the increased heat from the summer sun. The building will strive for LEED Gold standing. The development will target an international clientele while welcoming local residents to take advantage of the bespoke hotel environment. Stacked between 15 luxury condos and 160 hotel suites are three levels of spa and two levels of pool and entertainment spaces boasting phenomenal 360 degree views of Manhattan and beyond.

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