The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) 2023 has started
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The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) 2023 has started

The event returns to the English capital with an exciting program of installations, conferences, and events. This year's theme is "In Common"

The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) 2023 has started
By Editorial Staff -

The London Festival of Architecture (LFA), now at its 16th edition, is back on the streets of the English capital with a lively program that includes hundreds of events until 30th June. The theme of LFA 2023 is "In Common", an invitation to explore the public spaces we share and, more broadly, to reflect on the (finite) natural resources we have at our disposal.

As every year, the London Festival of Architecture celebrates architecture and urban planning in the city of London, aiming to discussions around architecture, test new ideas, and uncover and promote new talent, the festival aims to engage both the public and the profession in the field.

Urban Playground © Luke O'Donovan, courtesy of LFA


London Festival of Architecture 2023

With over 400 events to be delivered over across the capital, including 11 installations and 2 orientation trails, the program of LFA 2023 takes a critical approach to the city's development, with the aims to take a critical approach to city development, inspiring hope for a greener, healthier, more inclusive, and equitable London. Among the planned events is the participation of Yasmeen Lari, who has been awarded the Royal Gold Medal 2023 by RIBA, at the Ecocity World Summit 2023 (from June 6th to 8th at the Barbican Centre).

The events at LFA2023 will be taking place across London’s neighbourhoods with particular attention to selected areas, which form the LFA Destinations. Featuring some of London’s most architecturally significant and diverse areas, the 2023 Destinations are Brixton, City of London, Clerkenwell & Holborn, Royal Docks and South Westminster. For the first time the Festival Destinations include outer London boroughs of Barnet, and Bromley (Penge & Palace).

The highlights of this edition include the installations Seats at the Table, winner of the "Co-designing Equity in the Public Realm" design competition; Fleet Street Flower Press, inspired by the work of botanist John Gerard; Urban Playground, designed to change the perspective on the use of public space in the City; Vertical Farm-to-Fork at the Factory, in the Royal Docks district.

Among the initiatives proposed, there is also the Penge and Palace Trail, a path that invites you to explore the area of London around Crystal Palace, Penge and Anerley.

Penge and Palace Trail © Kes-Tchaas Eccleston, courtesy of LFA


Responding to real-world challenges

The LFA is a timely and evolving festival that responds to real-world challenges. and tackles urgent issues, encouraging active citizen participation. Since its foundation in 2004, the festival has been dedicated to celebrating good design, positioning London as a global hub of architecture, and showcasing the potential of emerging young designers. The event is based on an inclusive approach that recognizes the value of diverse perspectives in shaping the future of the city, and aims to break down institutional barriers, welcoming everyone into the dialogue on urban development. By engaging architects, families, and diverse communities, the LFA offers fresh perspectives on places, encouraging people to better understand the factors that contribute to a thriving city and the transformative power of good design.

By focusing on what unites us and what doesn't, LFA2023 aims to empower citizens and foster a sense of collective ownership over the city's future, encouraging a reflection on how the city is designed, developed, and governed to ensure openness, accessibility, and safety for all. The growing awareness of the wide spectrum of inequalities characterizing the city has generated a common interest in this theme, which LFA 2023 addresses with the aim of shaping a better city.


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All images courtesy of LFA

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