Lighting on a human scale that looks to the future
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Lighting on a human scale that looks to the future

Lighting on a human scale that looks to the future
By Editorial Staff -
Delta Light has participated in the project

There’s constantly growing interest in the field of architectural design in human wellness along with our current and future needs. The concept behind the new lighting collection presented by Belgian multinational Delta Light at Fuorisalone 2021 reflects this. These elegant lighting solutions, designed on a human scale and to last, were the star attractions at both Delta Light Studio and at a series of educational and charitable events, including in the dressing rooms of the Arcimboldi Theater and at the exhibition La Casa Fluida (The Fluid Home) in Palazzo Bovara. The company’s mission is, in fact, to create lighting systems with people specifically in mind that can withstand the inexorable flow of time.

#wantyouclos, the indoor wellness garden 

Reflecting this growing interest in wellness and our environment, a multisensory installation entitled #wantyouclose by Delta Light was created inside Delta Light Studio in Milan’s Via Bugatti. Filling the showroom with a blanket of flowers, this modern indoor garden used the innovative Soliscape lighting system designed by Ben Van Berkel, founder of UNStudio.

The Soliscape system is designed to look after wellbeing by means of adjusting lighting levels according to the time of day and by analyzing a variety of data, including air quality and noise levels. Soliscape is also able to adjust light according to acoustic conditions and IoT, so as to create increasingly healthy, functional environments.

Nime: freedom to customize

Nime was conceived to create even more personalized lighting options. A recessed lamp with tiny dimensions that can efficiently direct light without unpleasant glare, it was created by Croatian designer Dean Skira. Nime was used to illuminate the designer candlesticks auctioned to benefit the Mario Negri Pharmacological Research Institute at the charity event A Flame for Research.

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