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Lighting and decorating outdoors

Delta Light launches a new selection of outdoor products

Lighting and decorating outdoors
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Design research, functionality, sustainability, performance, and creating a visual sense of wellbeing all played a role in the development of Delta Light’s latest outdoor offerings. A selection of luminaires that have been built to last, they’re the product of approaching the outdoors in much the same way as the indoors. Their durability stems from their materials and painting and protection techniques. “The use of highly corrosion-resistant materials, a specially developed painting technique involving multiple coats, protection systems developed for extreme weather conditions, and rigorous safety testing that go into our outdoor luminaires all demonstrate the attention we pay to producing a quality product,” explained Gianluca D’Avino, Italy area manager with Delta Light.

With the choice of four types of optics and the option of directing light both up and down, the Nocta family of luminaires can adapt to any space. Either cylinders or cubes, its key defining element is the collar on the front and back. In the first case, the raised shape allows for the correct light balance. In the second, a moon-shaped cut-out allows water drainage, ensuring optimal performance in all weather conditions, while also directing light onto the wall on which the fitting is mounted, creating a striking luminous effect.


Frax, Logic 190, and Logic Linear

Logic Linear, Delta Light

Another outdoor innovation is Frax. This product features LED Caset technology, which combines multiple LEDs with individual collimator lenses to produce a precise and clear distribution of light, along with seven light effects. Manufactured to the IP65 protection rating, Frax luminaires feature UV-resistant components that last longer than the market standard, have proactive thermal regulation to prevent overheating, and utilize D-Lock, a sealing system developed by Delta that prevents moisture from entering the luminaire.

For Delta Light, the Logic 190 and Logic Linear ranges represent “a new technological and functional frontier for outdoor systems,” explained Rosangela Colucci, marketing manager for Italy. “Their design and construction establish a new benchmark for lighting monumental façades and large garden features.” With multiple reflector options – 11°, 30°, and 55° – this product’s versatility is further enhanced by a range of 100% waterproof and shock-resistant underground LEDs that produce striking upward lighting effects. There’s also a choice of installation options, with both recessed and surface mounting, as well as round and square designs.

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