The best of Light + Building 2024
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The best of Light + Building 2024

Dedicated to lighting and building-services technology, this major trade event took place March 3–8 in Frankfurt am Main, attracting over 151 thousand visitors and 2169 exhibitors

The best of Light + Building 2024

Home and building automation, alternative energy sources, efficient lighting solutions, electrification, and digitalization all came under the spotlight at Light + Building, which took place March 3–8 in Frankfurt am Main. The latest edition of this biennial trade exhibition dedicated to lighting and building-services technology saw the participation of over 151,000 visitors from 146 countries and 2169 exhibitors, who presented the latest trends and developments in building-services technology and lighting.

While we wait for the next edition of Light + Building, scheduled for March 8–13, 2026, in Frankfurt, THE PLAN has selected some of the highlights at this year’s event.

w241 Faro by Wästberg © Simon Menges, courtesy Wästberg


The best of Light + Building 2024

Zumtobel chose Light + Building 2024 to announce its new collaboration with Pininfarina. With the launch of TECTON II, scheduled for the first quarter of 2025, the Austrian company and the Italian design and engineering studio are expanding the TECTON continuous linear lighting system, one of Zumtobel’s most successful product lines. Among the numerous products Zumtobel showcased at the event, the CIELUMA luminous ceiling was the standout, the firm using the system to create a record-breaking installation covering over 200 m2 in partnership with Typica.

3F Filippi & Targetti continues its commitment to developing cutting-edge lighting solutions and was at the tradeshow with a whole series of innovative new products. 3F Hal is a versatile luminaire designed in collaboration with [SCANDURRA] with office and commercial applications in mind. The TW (Tunable White) model brings flexible color temperature control to the efficient Zero 3F range, while 3F Tank Rock is an even more robust version of the 3F Tank designed for extreme environmental conditions.

Criosfera by Artemide © Pierpaolo Ferrari, courtesy Artemide

Artemide, which once again entrusted the design of its booth to Mario Cucinella’s MCA studio, presented the latest range of offerings produced using its patented technological research methodology and collaboration with the big names of international design. Standouts included INTEGRALIS®, which combines sanitization, high lighting performance, and elegant design, and Artemide APP, an intuitive interface for controlling individual products, groups of appliances, and overall lighting effects. Its Lune d’Acqua lamps, designed by Benedetta Tagliabue and Ersilia Vaudo, were inspired by the magic of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s ocean moons. Criosfera was designed by Giulia Foscari to attract attention to the plight of Antartica and the urgency of decarbonization.

The Spoon collection, the core of Cariboni Group’s new products, is an urban lighting system designed by Alfonso Femia/AF*Design. Distinguished by a pronounced chromatic and material personality, Spoon’s design is all about asymmetrical geometries, with a selection of different designs based on size, fixing systems, and light flows. The range includes four urban lamps in different sizes that can be fixed on tall vertical rods, low cylindrical stems, walls, and ceilings.

Axis by ERCO © Axel Gross, courtesy ERCO


Keep up with the latest trends in the architecture and design world


“Hands-on Light” was the guiding motto that produced the new offerings that ERCO brought with it to Light + Building. The company, which specializes in museum lighting, was at the event with ERCOplay, an immersive and interactive journey through its lighting products. Highlights included Axis, a system composed of miniaturized luminaires, which can be recessed or mounted on an adjustable rod, designed to provide flexible exhibit lighting. Other standouts were the Invia48 modular strip lighting system, Quinta spotlights with Darklight lenses, and a new version of the Optec, which combines the already proven quality of the product with added effectiveness and durability.

Acoustic and visual comfort combine in the product offerings of Polish firm Flexxica, which was at the event with a booth that featured geometric designs and brilliant colors that changed according to different light conditions. The company showcased its German Design Award– and iF Design Award–winning products: Zen Collection ecoPET, Sol Collection, Bloom Collection, and Acoustic Ivy, designed in collaboration with Anka Spakowska and Acoustic Screen Glow.

Häfele was represented in Frankfurt by its innovative Häfele Lighting division and its three product ranges: Nimbus room lighting; Loox cupboard- and furniture-mounted lighting, and Connect, a control system that not only manages lighting, but also audio systems and a range of electric components included in the Häfele range.

Trick EM by iGuzzini Courtesy iGuzzini

Under the creative direction of Maurici Ginés, iGuzzini joined forces with GEZA and Artec Studio to create a system for set designing your home according to your own creative vision. The project is the result of combining connectivity, technology, and research into optics and environmental responsibility. “Light that moves” was the underlying theme of the iGuzzini booth, where it showcased its slim and flexible Filorail track lighting system, the Newfo projector, the new Sipario spotlight, the Iway bollard, the compact Trick EM projector, the flexible and lightweight Spacepad system for work environments, and the modular Libera system.

“Walk the Light” was the title that Luce&Light gave the visitor experience it offered in its booth, designed as a public square where people could meet and chat to the firm’s lighting range. The firm previewed its Ginko 3.5 projector, which incorporates its Light Shaper optics system for shaping the light using four louvres to generate an infinite number of regular and irregular shapes. But Luce&Light featured numerous new products in Frankfurt, including Metope, a wall-mounted “brick” for lighting façades with residential and hospitality applications, and Naka, a light designed for lighting paths, stairways, and corridors in the same two sectors.

Linea Light Group introduced visitors to its “Less is Future" concept, an approach to building construction that focuses on both people and sustainability. Among its many new products, the firm presented two eco-sustainable collections of downlights for commercial applications: MODOC, made with recyclable materials and designed to operate at different heights, making them ideal for spaces such as hotel lobbies; and EVO, which includes the truly innovative, modular, fully recyclable, and sustainable Vos, Quantum, Warp, and Epitax product families.

MULTIDOT by Martinelli Luce Courtesy Martinelli Luce

Martinelli was at Light + Building with its flagship product, Multidot, inspired by the elaborate chandeliers of the past. Designed by Brian Sironi, Multidot is a modern take on the chandelier that offers designers maximum personalization and creative freedom. Modular, flexible, and configurable, it’s made using 24V electrical cables, to which LED light spheres are attached as both structural and decorative elements of the pendent.

Molto Luce brought four new lighting products to Frankfurt. LENS2 is a range of lighting fixtures for single, double, triple, and quadruple workstations. Featuring cutting-edge technology, they’re also easy to install. ROGGA is a line of spotlights that combine a timeless design with the option of changing the LEDs, the adapters for three-phase track systems, and optical elements all without tools. OTIN is a range of downlights that stand out for their flat design, making them easy to integrate into almost any type of false ceiling. TARIO is a spotlight for corridors with an adjustable body and folding mechanism that makes it possible to accurately light individual sales displays.

The focus of the TRILUX booth was its new products, Yonos and E-Line Pro. Yonos is a modular, flexible, and universal lighting system for offices. Comprising an aluminum profile with integrated power sockets, it features a choice of nine lighting optics, from technical to ambient, and is compatible with digital interfaces, such as the LiveLink ONE app, for light management. The second product is E-Line Pro. This is an evolution of the trusted E-Line system that delivers even greater flexibility and ease of installation.


XAL is committing itself to sustainability, with its booth entirely made from elements reused from previous events or that will be reusable in the future. With its versatile MOVE IT PRO track lighting system, the company is offering maximum design freedom to lighting designers. This three-phase DALI track offers two separate circuits for emergency lighting, several sensors, flexible indirect lighting addons, a wide choice of linear optics and spotlights. There’s also the option of recessed, ceiling, and pendent designs, with T, L, and X joints.

Swedish brand Wästberg, a part of the XAL Group, launched a new product at Light + Building, designed with Pritzker Prize winner David Chipperfield. Dubbed the w241 Faro, this hybrid combines quality light with compact portability. Made of aluminum, the lamp is available in five colors. Battery autonomy is rated at 20 hours, with just four hours needed to fully charge the unit. It’s also possible to remotely control up to 25 units.

Zafferano participated in the exhibition with two lighting ranges – one wired, one wireless – as well as the new Liolà coffee table system, designed by Studio Kairos. Sister Light Wi-Fi is a collection of rechargeable portable lamps, designed by Federico de Majo. They can also be controlled remotely using the Zafferano Lighting app. Poldina Stopper is another battery-powered lamp but with a silicone stopper for inserting it in a bottle, transforming it into a lamp. Baby is a new range of pendants with minimal lines. They can also combine with borosilicate glass shades to produce Bilia decorative lamps. Tubotto is an anodized aluminum pendent light. If its black anti-glare ring is replaced with borosilicate glass elements, it transforms into the Sfera and Sfer’Otto collections.


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Cover Image: Lucide Gisela Serie, BEGA Bodenaufbauleuchte
Photo by Pietro Sutera, courtesy Messe Frankfurt Exhibition

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