Light and elegance all year round with glazed balcony enclosures
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Light and elegance all year round with glazed balcony enclosures

Simply transform outdoors to indoors thanks to Weese's solutions

Light and elegance all year round with glazed balcony enclosures
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With our homes becoming smaller and our need for functional, adaptable spaces becoming greater, making the most of all the rooms in modern homes is a necessity. So, a balcony or terrace that can transform from an open-air space in summer to a closed, heated place to work, read, or study in winter is ideal.

And there’s being a growing focus on outdoor spaces in recent years, partly after the pandemic saw many people rediscovering the importance of having an open-air space in the home, whether that’s a balcony, terrace, or garden. After Decree Law No. 115/2022 was passed in Italy, which eliminated the need for permits and other bureaucratic processes to install removable glazed enclosures, closing off these spaces is now easier than ever. So, while closing off a balcony is now simpler and cheaper, the real challenge is finding quality products for creating a well-protected space without sacrificing brightness or elegance.


A quick guide to removable glazed balcony enclosures

Removable glazing can be installed in a few hours and doesn’t affect the overall structure of the house since – as the name suggests – it can be removed without building work. For this reason, more and more people, including those in rented homes, are opting for the product.

Numerous types are available, but the best ones should meet a few requirements:

  • Provide sound insulation against both outside and inside noises
  • Provide thermal insulation and keep the temperature of the indoor space constant, thereby creating a warm, comfortable place even when it’s cold outside
  • Not affect the design of the home through the use of very thin or non-existent frames
  • Not inhibit sunlight, therefore ensuring adequate light during the day and reducing the need for artificial light
  • Easy to open or close as needed



Among the various manufacturers of removable glazed balcony enclosures, Weese is a market leader that offers personalized advice to help clients decide on the best product for their needs. It offers both folding and sliding designs. Both make it possible to close off an outdoor space while ensuring excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. They’re an ideal way for converting a balcony or terrace into a usable space even during the coldest months.

The folding designs comprise several glass sheets that make it possible to have the space partially or fully closed. If there’s rain or snow, they can be closed completely, thereby adding another fully sheltered room to the home. They also prevent smog, exhaust fumes, dust, and other atmospheric agents found in cities from entering the home. The panels are tempered glass and frameless, using instead silicone seals that have no visual impact. They let light enter the space even when the windows are closed and create a very pleasant visual effect. Also, since their mechanism uses ball bearings, they open and close very easily. They’re ideal for large and medium-to-large terraces and verandas.

The sliding retractable designs are better suited for smaller balconies, since they’re designed especially to save space. This version is also frameless and the final effect when shut is striking, with no distracting vertical profiles but just the single panel of glass. They’re also ideal for particularly windy areas, resisting gusts of up to 100 m/h (159 km/h).

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