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Life after Lockdown - Abstract 1

How the world will be different after COVID-19

Life after Lockdown

The healthcare emergency caused by the current Covid-19 virus pandemic abruptly stopped a way of thinking and acting that had led to an unquestioned collective view of the future. The pandemic and lockdown has obliged us to slow almost to a stop, and in doing so, has introduced new variables into the equation of our collectively imagined future and our very concept of society. 
Read the abstract of the thoughts and watch the two minutes short video of eight major visionaries. #thenewtomorrow  Architecture, the archetypical Prometheus – as Ivano Dionigi called it (THEPLAN116) – and those who create architecture, were the first to be given the responsibility of reflecting on the current situation in order to rethink our future and life after lockdown.
In abstract 1, a first series of architects gives us their views of the way architecture will change following the Covid-19-induced locked down. Follow us in abstract 2 and abstract 3


Stefan Behnisch – New perspectives
As Stefan Behnisch of Behnisch Architekten sees it, our perception of the world will change radically. We will have to learn to take greater care of our neighbors, not least because our own lives depend on them. This will redefine the merits of an open society, and in architectural terms, may translate into greater focus on the quality of private and public spaces following our discovery of the value of silence and clean air. Infrastructure and public buildings will be tomorrow’s priorities together with new ways of smart, or remote, working.

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Patrik Schumacher – The future is already here
This is a time which, if used well, could accelerate those architectural innovations that until recently were only futuristic promises. Patrik Schumacher of Zaha Hadid Architects, a practice with long experience in complex forms and high-density architecture, proposes architectural strategies able to tackle new, imminent challenges with the use of 3-D technologies, immersive 3-D environments, and parametric architecture – all instruments that will allow cloud-based multiuser interaction.

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Simonetta Cenci – Taking back our space
The change of pace will lead to a more human re-appropriation of public spaces. With the construction of the new bridge, Genoa, a symbol of an Italy that has not let the pandemic get the better of it, is ahead of the curve says Simonetta Cenci, the City’s Counselor for Requalification. The city is giving importance back to open spaces through infrastructure that will trigger the sustainable regeneration of whole neighborhoods.

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Sergei Tchoban – The mistakes of the past
We must be careful not to make the mistakes of the past all over again. As Sergei Tchoban of Tchoban Voss Architekten reminds us, certain recent achievements, like being able to travel freely across the globe and work globally without necessarily being linked to a local market, are privileges we must continue to defend by making our digital technology systems even more efficient.

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Silvia Vegetti Finzi – In-between spaces

The predominance of the male view of architecture has always put the accent on opposites and dichotomy: high and low, center and periphery. In the eyes of Silvia Vegetti Finzi, the pandemic has helped us re-discover the importance of those in-between spaces like courtyards, terraces, balconies, all places of a new – for us, at least - but ancient socialization at close quarters.

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Mino Caggiula – Social contact
Mino Caggiula of Mino Caggiula Architects reminds us how, paradoxically, it was only when social contact was forbidden that we understood the importance of an embrace. We should remember this all-important part of us when we get back once again to building our future.

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Laura Renda – Turning point

Whether we like it or not, the restrictions placed on our everyday activities by the epidemic marked a profound transition, a collective turning point, a hiatus in the lives of each of us. From now on there will be a ‘before’ and an ‘after’. Laura Renda of D2U – Design to User – shows us how smart working, co-smart working, and a modular approach to projects are just some of the new opportunities that the ‘after’ holds.

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Aldo Cibic - #Stayathome
A “slap in the face” is how Aldo Cibic of Cibic Workshop defines the situation. Although it will of course come to an end, in the meanwhile our new circumstance allows us to begin to change the world while staying at home.

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