Intelligent Systems to Improve Climatic Comfort and Healthiness
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Intelligent Systems to Improve Climatic Comfort and Healthiness

Ingenius VMC

Intelligent Systems to Improve Climatic Comfort and Healthiness
By Editorial Staff -
Alpac has participated in the project

Alpac has developed an intelligent and versatile system that improves residential well-being, which makes window holes structures capable of constantly recycling the air in an interior space, filtering pollution agents, recovering heat and saving on energy consumption. The Ingenius VMC heat-insulating window unit does not require ductwork or bulky centralized systems; instead, it integrates a controlled mechanical ventilation system into the walls using technology from Helty, the Alpac Group company specializing in innovative, decentralized solutions for air exchange. The VMC unit is integrated into a monoblock designed specifically to house it, creating possibilities for customization. 

To meet the ventilation needs of various types of indoor environments, Ingenius VMC was developed in three models with different air flow rates: Ingenius Compact, Ingenius Smart, and Ingenius 120, which are in turn available in three variants depending on the options chosen, like sensors for CO2 control and remote management via app. 

Ingenius Compact, designed for smaller rooms, has an extremely compact design. Its air flow rate is 43 m3/h, on par with Ingenius Smart, which stands out for its better ratio of ventilation capacity to acoustic performance. Ingenius 120 was designed and realized for medium-size rooms, featuring an air flow rate of 120 m3/h, as referenced by the name. 

Thanks to the Helty ventilation unit, each model purifies the outside air before inserting in into the internal rooms, thus blocking pollen, bacteria, and fine dust. In addition, there is an enthalpy heat exchanger which can recover up to 91% of thermal energy. Lastly, the Alpac VMC systems are equipped with Free Cooling technology, which cools rooms naturally. 

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