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Intelligent climate control

Galletti releases its latest climate control units: Evo-2-touch, Evo Link, and Garda

Intelligent climate control Galletti
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Just a few of the latest technologies developed by Galletti to maximize the comfort and performance of its ART-U fan coil unit (and more) include an intuitive software management interface with a touch screen, an all-in-one wall-mounted tablet controller, and a web-based monitoring system. The result is a combination of design, performance, and intelligent management of climatic comfort for a range of applications but especially the home.

The ART-U fan coil unit is just 3 15/16” (100 mm) deep with an EC motor and designer good looks. It was developed to be an all-purpose product that’s equally at home in both essential and more elaborate spaces. ART-U Canvas takes a step further towards customizable good looks, but without sacrificing any of the quality, innovation, and technical performance that the company’s research and experience have produced.

Both models can be used with microprocessor controllers, such as Evo-2-touch, and controllers for managing integrated units and air conditioning, such as Evo Link and Garda.


Latest controller technology

Galletti, sistemi di controllo Courtesy of Galletti

Evo-2-touch is a software management interface that’s installed on the wall or even on board the ART-U unit itself. Equipped with a 2 13/16” (71 mm) touch screen and with the frame available in four shades, it makes it both easy and quick to control the heat and humidity in a space.

Evo Link is an all-in-one wall-mounted controller that provides every option for controlling a whole system. The unit controls up to 30 terminals with Evo commands, sets times, programs on/off times, and changes the setting of units.

Finally, Garda is a web-based system that manages everything from chillers to heat pumps, creating climate zones to which devices can be assigned and set to hourly schedules. The unit also controls external devices, such as boilers and zone valves, using advanced system logic. And is has Wi-Fi functionality.

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