Indoor furniture: the best of Salone del Mobile 2024
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Indoor furniture: the best of Salone del Mobile 2024

With iconic designs and uniquely elegant styles, the new products on show at the 62nd edition of the Milan furniture fair bring the boundaries between art and design closer than ever

Indoor furniture: the best of Salone del Mobile 2024

First held in 1961, Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile is among the most important furniture trade events in the world. The 2024 exhibition reasserted its role as a workshop for experimentation and creation, a place for meeting and exchange, and an event able to bring every part of the design and manufacturing sectors together in an inclusive dialogue.

This year’s event showcased new products for the entire home – from the bedroom to the living room, kitchen, and bathroom, and for indoors and out. Products that grew out of research and innovation, and combined artisanal quality with technology.

THE PLAN has selected some of the most intriguing offerings.


Quadrifoglio, elegantly minimalist booths

Quadrifoglio Group, X-Change Courtesy Quadrifoglio Group

X-Change is a modular soundproof booth system developed by Quadrifoglio in response to the need in many workplaces for simultaneous collaborative and silent, individual work. Elegantly minimalist, X-Change booths have structural frames made of extruded aluminum profiles, with a choice of finishes in RAL colors along with gold, bronze, and a weathering steel effect.

The glass sections, either single or double acoustic glass, can be transparent, frosted, or customized with white, smoky gray, or champagne decorative films. Non-transparent versions use FSC certified wood and can be lined internally with sound-absorbing panels finished with a choice of fabrics. The cabins are available in sizes ranging from 39 3/8 x 39 3/8” (1x1 m) through 118 1/8 x 157 1/2” (3x4 m). They can be equipped with shelves that function as a support surface, electrical multi-sockets, and bench seats. It’s also possible to order custom sizes with custom details.


edra, artistic beauty

edra, Milano chair. Design Jacopo Foggini Courtesy edra

Artisanal-quality products made with elegant materials and distinguished by their pure forms, the latest offerings from edra blur the boundaries between design and art. The almost ethereal Phantom table, for example, is covered entirely with mirrors, making it a timeless object that reflects and adds to the surrounding beauty. Milano is a chair with a high backrest and rotating chrome base. The façade of Milan’s cathedral was the source of inspiration for its slender form, faceted geometries, and sweeping gesture that shape the seat and backrest into a single shell that’s smooth and comfortable on the inside, and full of movement on the outside.

Minèrals is a collection of fabrics that, with light, vibrant colors, recall the world of minerals. Every Place is a line of yarns for indoor and outdoor applications made from recycled plastic bottles. This durable product is suitable for the most extreme climate conditions and available in eight colors.


Imperfettolab, oxymorons and contrasts

Imperfettolab, òrghen + Carbon Courtesy Imperfettolab

Imperfettolab’s 2024 collection is all about opposites. Resembling artworks that reimagine nature in dreamlike forms, they feature almost impossible balances and larger-than-life dimensions. Among them, the Arenaria line has grown with a new coffee table in which art and nature imitate each other. Carbon Black is a seat with sculptural shapes that captures the fascinating appearance of charred wood, in which the heat of the flames never seems to cool. Deco is a striking collection of trays with art deco looks. Finally, Vara is a seat on solid cylinders that resembles a primitive throne. It’s available in three sizes.


Lema, timeless elegance

LEMA, Omega. Design Federica Biasi Courtesy LEMA

Orion and Omega are the latest offerings from Lema. Orion, designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, is a collection of coffee tables in different shapes and sizes, adorned with a graphic symbol in bronze-coated metal. A distinctive element of Orion is its plastic forms, with soft, sometimes modernist angles that play with different points of view. Omega, by Federica Biasi, is a monocoque leather armchair with a metal frame. Combining history, iconic looks, and quality materials, this is a lounge armchair with timeless looks and incomparable elegance.


Meridiani, indoor and outdoor solutions

Meridiani al Salone del Mobile 2024 Courtesy Meridiani

In a stage-like booth designed by Andrea Parisio, Meridiani presented its new releases for 2024, including both outdoor and indoor collections, and a selection of upholstered furniture designs. Among the most intriguing offerings was Vetra, a modular furnishing element with compact, essential volumes. Romeo is a storage container with an organic shape. Cosette and Claudine are two complementary but independent chairs, while the soft Jeanette armchair features an iconic backrest that unfolds into an armrest. Other highlights included the Gino pouf, the asymmetrical Wallis storage container, and the Tuyo bed collection with its pop motif quilting.


Cattelan, a new contemporary

Cattelan, Ritz Lounge Table Courtesy Cattelan

Cattelan was at the 2024 event with numerous new products for the living room and bedroom that reflect a whole new take on contemporary aesthetics. The firm has added a series of tables made entirely of ceramic to its Keramik collection. Dubbed Napoleaon Keramik, Rado Keramik Round, and Cuba Keramik Bistrot, they feature an elegant single-material effect. The Papel table draws its inspiration from waves, with a base made of a single sheet of metal modeled into twisting, polyform lines.

Senator Wood is a 158” (4 m) long wooden table that gives the dining room a sumptuous, regal look. For the living room, the Harbor bookcase, designed by Paolo Cattelan, consists of shelves and uprights that you can assemble as the mood takes you for great compositional freedom, including with double-sided configurations.

Again for the living room, the Ritz Lounge coffee table and Lounge armchair, swivel or fixed, are halfway between living room and dining tables. Cattelan’s products for the bedroom feature large shapes and soft materials. The Pascal, Simon, and Thomas beds have large cushioned headboards that give them a cocoon-like feel.


antoniolupi, innovation and exclusivity

antoniolupi, custom DJ desk MXTP. Design Antonio Lupi and Carlo Colombo © Francesco Margutti - Photomovie, courtesy antoniolupi

The latest creations from antoniolupi grew out of the firm’s collaboration with respected designers and architecture studios, including Mario Trimarchi, Michele De Lucchi from AMDL CIRCLE, and Marco Casamonti from Archea Associati, as well as the unprecedented participation of popular DJ Albertino. The result is a series of products that combine aesthetic and material quality with innovation.

Three new washbasins – Teti, Ramses, and Cheope – designed by AMDL CIRCLE have joined its bathroom furniture collection with their quality materials, including bronze and wood. Also for the bathroom, architect Mario Trimarchi designed the Arcadia marble handbasin. Moving to the living room, Atlante is a range of rugs and tapestries made using the Piobones weaving technique. With its captivating looks and practicality, the Extro coat stand, designed by Marco Casamonti, is sure to become an icon.

Finally, the unprecedented MTXP is a music console created from an idea by Carlo Colombo with popular DJ Albertino. Described as a Custom DJ Desk that combines high-quality music with design, MXTP integrates a range of DJ devices into one console.


Caimi, meet you in the Piazza

Caimi, Stilemi. Design Alessandro Mendini Courtesy Caimi

For its booth, Caimi created a mini piazza, surrounded by four structures that hosted eight separate spaces that interconnected to suggest a typical craft workshop. It acted as an invitation to visitors to step inside and get to know the firm’s many new products. They included Shopper, designed by Stefano Barzaghi, a curvaceous pouf in sound-absorbing fabric that’s easy to move thanks to its practical handles.

Stilemi is a series of three recycled plastic stools. Created from original drawings by Alessandro Mendini, they represent a tribute to the famous designer. Biosphere is a sound-absorbing fabric developed in collaboration with young Taiwanese designer Hsiang Han Hsu. It combines acoustic comfort with a design that recalls elements from nature.


Calligaris, comfort and elegance

Calligaris, Mara Courtesy Calligaris

Calligaris presented a range of products marked by harmonious shapes, inspirations from nature, beautiful materials, and functionality. Anime is an upholstered armchair with a look that’s both contemporary and timeless, and suits any space. Inspired by nature, Mara is an armchair made with structured fabrics and wood. Based on the concept of cocooning, it imparts feelings of softness and relaxation to both the touch and eye. Finally, Twins is a table whose curved sheet metal base gives it both elegance and a contemporary look, bringing a touch of luxury to any space.


Arper, sustainable design is possible

Arper, Catifa Carta © Alberto Sinigaglia, courtesy Arper

“What makes the project of living?” is the question that welcomed visitors to the Arper booth at Salone del Mobile 2024. Once inside, they embarked upon a journey to discover the firm’s values and Arper’s responses to the needs of a constantly changing world. The booth, designed to offer visitors an immersive experience, was sustainably designed using reclaimed and recyclable materials.

The collections on show demonstrated that beauty can and must be sustainable. A good example was the revolutionary Catifa Carta, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, a chair made of 29 sheets of paper bonded together with a natural resin binder. At the end of its useful life, the chair can be decomposed by pyrolysis.


Clei, multifunctional combinations

Clei, Making Room. Design Castiglia Associati Courtesy Clei

Clei, which specializes in the production of multifunctional furniture, showcased Making Room, designed by Castiglia Associati, a range of modular customized furniture elements that expand spaces with their multifunctional, transformable designs. In a fluid and dynamic way, they create a multifunctional home, in which the kitchen, living room, and bedroom spaces can all be optimized by the many transformation options available. Making Room perfectly integrates with Clei’s transformable solutions, which take on different shapes, functions, and configurations depending on living needs.


Antrax IT, keeping warm in style

Antrax IT, Lana. Design by ADML Circle Courtesy Antrax IT

Designed by AMDL CIRCLE, the new concept from Lana is a 13” (33 cm) square heating panel with rounded corners. Made using a 100% recyclable aluminum alloy, multiple panels can be combined according to different design needs and the type of space. Its rounded corners and ridged surface give Lana an understated elegance. The heat transmitted from its surface is all about creating a welcoming atmosphere in the home. The design conveys a similar feeling, tempting people to get closer and touch its warm surface.


Desalto, softness and comfort

Desalto, Unlimited. Design Francesco Rota Courtesy Desalto

For the 2024 exhibition, Desalto displayed an important milestone for the firm: a series of upholstered furniture collections with sculptural, architectural shapes. Clip includes a chaise longue, pouf, armchair, and coffee table that combine thin, tapering shapes with extremely comfortable padding. A selection of equally comfortable poufs, armchairs, and chaise longues with polyurethane padding in different densities, Roller breaks down chairs into essential ovals, circles, and ellipses. Unlimited, on the other hand, uses the basic shape of a square to create different chairs that seem to float in space.

Desalto also displayed its small Rebus bookcases. Inspired by the puzzle game of the same name and composed of modular elements in various shapes, Rebus can be assembled in almost infinite configurations. Finally, the Heb collection has expanded with a selection of round tables suitable for both the home and catering applications.


Olivari, 5x5, 5 Architects, 5 New Projects

Olivari’s slogan for Salone del Mobile 2024 was “5x5, 5 Architects, 5 New Projects” describing its five new products designed by five internationally renowned architects. The architects are Michael Vincent Uy and Patricia Urquiola, who designed the Flute and Conca L door handles, respectively. Herzog&deMeuron designed Basel, a series of knobs with uniquely asymmetrical shapes. Piano Design created Lipstick, a complete range of push-bars, handles, and knobs with essential geometric shapes. Finally, Steven Holl designed Hybrid, another complete range of door hardware with simple, functional shapes.


Ditre, Furniture as a mission

Ditre, Atlantis. Design Gabriele and Oscar Buratti Courtesy Ditre

Ditre presented a new collection created by some of the most highly acclaimed international designers. With many new features that convey a simple elegance, the collection includes furniture for every room in the home. Among them, the modular Atlantis and Blum sofas stand out, as do Cali, Isla, and Vento with their curving, contemporary lines.

The Avalon and Pacific beds, along with the Erys and Pop bedside tables, have essential, minimalist designs and a timeless elegance. Designed for outdoors and composed of a series of different elements, the Iroko wood Tao sofa is both comfortable and modular.


Paolo Castelli SpA, the freshness of a watercolor

Paolo Castelli SpA, Collezione Acquerello Courtesy Paolo Castelli SpA

Paolo Castelli’s Acquerello collection is a tribute to the relationship between shape and color. The firm has transformed the distinctive expressive freedom of the collection into outdoor and indoor elements and lighting systems, all designed as a celebration of beauty, symbols, and simple rituals. Like a watercolor, the collection brings freshness, purity, and lightness to any space.

For inside, the Giano and Cruella chairs, the Fenpei and Elegance Soft sofas, the Dione Dark and Nucleo tables and coffee tables, and the Illusio and Labilis Mega Ring lighting systems are also part of the collection. The outdoor collection includes the Fenpei Outdoor sofa, the Kenya Outdoor table and coffee table system, the U Outdoor chair, and the Haibu pendant lamp.


Dooor, exploring all five senses

Dooor, Playscape. Design Calvi Brambilla and Partners © Matteo Bianchessi, courtesy Dooor

Confirming its successful partnership with Calvi Brambilla and Partners, Dooor showcased Playscape, an installation inspired by the park of the same name created by sculptor Isamu Noguchi. A textile folding door served as the seed for a display of materials, ranging from velvet to eco-leather, that harnessed touch, sight, and sound, with iridescent surfaces that invited exploration.


Gallotti&Radice, the expressive power of materials

Gallotti&Radice, Iperborea. Design Studiopepe Courtesy Gallotti&Radice

The richness of material-driven designs, extensive experience in processing materials, and the celebration of artisan techniques – the new collection from Gallotti&Radice embodies values that hark back to the past, ranging from loving what we do to the beauty and value of quality. The firm continues to collaborate with some of the most acclaimed international designers while adding to its members’ collections.

New arrivals in the Stami range include the Stami Sofa, the Stami Sofa Plus, the Stami Sideboard, and the Stami Loveseat. Likewise, joining the Sensei series are Sensei Bench, Sensei Desk, and Sensei Console. Studio G&R featured its hand-tufted Ato rug made with New Zealand wool and distinguished by its abstract pattern. This collection expresses the firm’s commitment to creating timeless looks in which the designers’ projects integrate harmoniously with each other.


Potocco, exploring shapes and colors

Potocco al Salone del Mobile 2024 Courtesy Potocco

Potocco presented its 2024 offerings in an understated, architectural booth, designed by Studio Binocle, which led visitors through indoor and outdoor environments distinguished by natural tones and intimate, almost domestic moods.

Among the firm’s new indoor products were two new collections designed by Mario Ferrarini: Trousse chairs and Syn dining tables. Other highlights were the Helvetica seating collection, designed by Park Associati; the Jade armchair and dining chair by Hanne Willmann; the Double L Glaze glass coffee table, designed by Chiara Andreatti; and the Minima armchair and stool, designed by Mario Ferrarini.

New offerings for indoors and outdoors included the Graphic modular sofa, designed by Mario Ferrarini and Victor Vasilev, while the Cut collection has grown with an indoor chair and stool, and an outdoor rocking chair, all three designed by Stephan Veit.


Very Wood, timber in all its forms

Very Wood, 'Caffè degli Specchi'. A cura di Concetta Giannangeli Courtesy Very Wood

Very Wood has a multi-pronged approach to creativity that involves strengthening its ongoing collaborations with designers while also establishing new relationships.

Matteo Thun and Benedetto Fasciana, both designers who’ve previously worked with the firm, have designed Lisboa Barrio, a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional handwoven chair. This Weber has designed Trix, a seat that recalls a game of ticktacktoe with its varied geometrical shapes.

And three new designers are now collaborating with the firm. Antonio de Marco has created Livorno, a chair that embodies the very best of Italian manufacturing. Gabriele and Oscar Buratti’s first collaboration with Very Wood has produced the Misha collection, comprising a chair with and without armrests, and a dining armchair. All three feature a solid wood structure and have been designed to meet the needs of the contract market. Finally, Marcello Ziliani has created two lines for the catering sector. The Twirl chair features a Scandinavian-inspired design, while the Okapi stool brings together different materials in dialogue within a single piece of furniture.


Vittoria Frigerio, furnishings for a glamorous lifestyle

Vittoria Frigerio, Monaco. Design by Luca Erba Courtesy Vittoria Frigerio

Past and present merge in the new furnishings from Vittoria Frigerio. The product of ongoing collaborations, such as with Studio Cattaneo, and work with new designers, such as Giorgio Bonaguro, Andrea Bonini, and Luca Erba, the firm’s 2024 collection is all about glamorous lifestyles with a contemporary edge. Underpinned by innovative styling and shared visions of elegance, the collection makes stylish sophistication its distinctive feature.

New products include the Monaco sofa and armchair, the Lemi coffee table, the Necchi sofa, the Lario bed, the Brera padded bench, the Grace seats with armrests, the Mora chairs and sofa, the Roma bookcase, and the Monroy dining table, console table, and coffee table.


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Cover Image: Quadrifoglio Group, X-Change. Courtesy Quadrifoglio Group
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