IAM+ designer handrail systems that combat bacteria and viruses
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IAM+®: designer handrail systems that combat bacteria and viruses

IAM+ designer handrail systems that combat bacteria and viruses
By Editorial Staff -
I AM Design has participated in the project

We now know – and it’s been confirmed by Italy’s National Center for Disease Control – that our hands are the number one culprit in the spread of disease-causing germs. It’s therefore become more important than ever that the design of both public and private places should use materials that can help reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Responding to this need, IAM Design – the Italian brand of the Gonzato Group (Ind.i.a), a leader in the design and production of railings, stairs, and canopies in stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and glass – has designed and patented IAM+®, a line of handrail systems with laboratory-tested antibacterial surfaces.

The technology behind IAM+®

Developed in partnership with the University of Padua and its spin-off Siltea, IAM+® has obtained international certification. It’s the first metal handrail system with antibacterial and virucidal properties that can contribute to maintaining elevated hygiene standards by eliminating 99% of the pathogens present on its surfaces through the release of silver ions. The technology combines the natural antibacterial and virucidal properties of silver with the metal surfaces commonly used in the building industry. The active components of the IAM+® range can prevent the growth of various germs, including bacteria, algae, and fungi, by destroying cell membranes and blocking respiration and nutrition, thereby interrupting cell division and proliferation.

The IAM+® range maintains its effectiveness even with regular cleaning, making the products ideal for use in the medical field, in public facilities such as schools and daycare centers, in hotels, and in high footfall locations, such as airports and rail stations.

With its specialized knowledge of steel products and a specialized team that deals with every phase of product development from design to production and installation, IAM Design also offers a customization service, delivering highly versatile solutions aimed at achieving the highest standards of beauty, quality, and safety.

For more information, visit: iamplus.iamdesign.com

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