Glass that combines aesthetics and performance
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Glass that combines aesthetics and performance

Glass that combines aesthetics and performance
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AGC Glass Europe has participated in the project

Transparency, strength, sustainability, safety, lightness, and beauty are just some of the countless technical and aesthetic qualities that make glass one of architects’ favorite materials. With applications that range from the façades of mighty skyscrapers to décor items, it offers a wealth of ideas for personalizing residential and business spaces.Stratobel Colour © AGC Glass Europe

AGC specializes in the production and processing of flat glass for the building industry, while also providing consultancy services for interior design projects. This is why the group, which operates through over 100 locations throughout Europe, has created four new product lines: Imagin, Stratobel Color, Lacobel, and Matelac. All four combine aesthetics and performance, giving life to tailor-made solutions that enhance interiors with decorative motifs with a distinctive aesthetic impact and colors with a unique chromatic depth and intensity. 

Imagin is a patterned glass that achieves a delicate balance between translucence and privacy, making it ideal for doors, partitions, meeting rooms, furniture, and showers. It’s available in a range of sizes, dimensions, and thicknesses, and three separate ranges: Imagin Clear, Imagin Sandblasted, and Imagin Wired. Many of the products in the Wired range are suitable for applications that require flame-retardant properties.
Stratobel Color laminated glass combines aesthetics and high performance to offer numerous solutions for indoor and outdoor projects. It’s available in eight colors.
Lacobel & Matelac © AGC Glass Europe

Lacobel and Matelac form a dual range that stands out for its palette of contemporary hues. Developed by AGC Deco Academy, both are set to dictate trends in interior design over the next few years. The glossy back-painted Lacobel line includes 24 colors, while its opaque alter ego Matelec has 15. Both are divided into four style themes – Minamalist, Natural, Traditional, Vibrante – that illustrate color combinations and the materials that best match them to produce an offering that inspires architects, designers, and furniture manufacturers.
To add an even more personal touch, AGC offers architects and interior designers the MyColour by Lacobel/Matelac service for creating custom colors that perfectly complement every project.

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