Generative Circularity takes centerstage at LubiCa
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Generative Circularity takes centerstage at LubiCa

The installation among the highlights of Lucca’s biennial event dedicated to paper art

ATI Project

Generative Circularity takes centerstage at LubiCa
By Editorial Staff -
Materieunite has participated in the project

Generative Circularity returned to LubiCa, the event dedicated to paper art, paper design, and paper architecture held every two years in Lucca, Tuscany. The installation, which ATI Project together with their technical partner Materieunite previously exhibited at Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia as part of Milan’s Fuorisalone 2022, was set up in Galleria del Palazzo Ducale. The same modules used in Milan were recombined to construct a new form, exhibited as part of the indoor section of the event, which was held between July 31 and September 25.


Generative Circularity and “The White Page”

The theme of LubiCa 2022 was “The White Page” – endless possibilities, a different future, a dream that can come true, a different perspective. The image of a blank page was used to suggest a new scenario in which to rethink practices and methodologies through a contemporary lens and, therefore, respond to the now undeniable need for sustainable development. And sustainability was the meeting point between the event, staged for the eleventh time, and Generative Circularity, an installation constructed using parametric modeling algorithms that examines life-cycle assessment (LCA) from the perspectives of feasibility, industrialization, the economy, flexibility, resistance, modularity, and reuse.

Generative Circularity - ATI Project © Alessandro Casalini@Lubica22, courtesy of ATI Project and Lucca Biennale Cartasia

Generative Circularity is based on a dynamic system that replicates itself according to its setting by following a logic by which different spaces correspond to different solutions. The Galleria del Palazzo Ducale and the installation therefore merged, creating an immersive environment for visitors in which space, time, history, and design crystallized. The form of the installation was the result of iterative optimizations relating to stress states, resistance, scalability, and replicability. Cardboard with different compositions was used as a direct link between the digital and the real by focusing on its many unique qualities. This led to the creation of bio-inspired forms that represent the relationship between humans and the environment, while investigating the possibilities and potentials of digital generative systems for the development of new circular design solutions.


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Location: Lucca, Palazzo Ducale
Architect: ATI Project
Technical Partner: Materieunite
Photography by Photography by Gabriele Giussani and Alessandro Casalini@Lubica22, courtesy of ATI Project and Lucca Biennale Cartasia

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