ATI Project presents Generative Circularity at Fuorisalone
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Generative Circularity: a starting point for reflecting on sustainable development and the digital revolution

The installation was presented at Fonderia Napoleonica as part of Milano Design Week

ATI Project

ATI Project presents Generative Circularity at Fuorisalone
By Editorial Staff -

Addressing R&D, sustainability, and the digital revolution, ATI Project’s Generative Circularity installation was displayed in Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia, in Milan’s Isola Design District, as a part of Fuorisalone 2022. Organic structures composed of modular elements create shapes inspired by nature, all intended to represent the relationship between humans and the environment, systems of circularity, and data management processes. Generative Circularity was made entirely using recycled and recyclable materials, according to the principles of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).


Generative Circularity between space and time

The current digital revolution also extends to architecture, with the use of algorithms in generative design rewriting the temporal dimension of a project. Generative Circularity also addresses the spatial dimension, with the installation changing and adapting according to the space where it is created. In this case, the space was an ex-foundry, established at the beginning of the 19th century and named after Eugène de Beauharnais, Viceroy of the Kingdom of Italy.

Generative Circularity - ATI Project © BSA Studio, courtesy of ATI Project

From a compositional point of view, the installation grows out of combinations of a repeated module, whose shape is, in turn, the result of iterative optimizations connected with aspects such as stress states, resistance, scalability, and replicability. As a part of Milano Design Week, whose theme this year was “Between Space and Time,” Generative Circularity served as a starting point for discussions, videos, and themed exhibits on the role of design in defining the possibilities of sustainable development. It was a chance for architects to discuss issues they deal with on a daily basis, such as feasibility, industrialization, affordability, reuse, flexibility, resistance, and modularity.


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Location: Milano, Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia
Architect: ATI Project
Photography by Gabriele Giussani and BSA Studio, courtesy of ATI Project

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