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Four Italian designers sign Eterea Collection by Zambaiti Contract

Eterea Collection by Zambaiti Contract | THE PLAN
By Editorial Staff -

When talking about interior upholstery, designer and clients can count on Zambaiti Parati, the Bergamo-based firm specialized in wallpapers, which recently presented its new Eterea Collection, the first of its Zambaiti Contract division.

The collection is designed in two different stylistic declinations, for two different types of product - 3D digital printed panels and embossed wallpaper. Art Director Andrea Boschetti of Metrogramma has involved the expertise of other three renowned Italian design practices in the realization of ten new proposals on four fireproof supports, with different aesthetic and tactile features: Bio Ecopaper, 100% eco-sustainable; Mineral, obtained from the recycling of mica powders with both tactile and visual stone effect; Tela Lurex, recalling sumptuous coverings; and Velluto Tech, an elegant and performing support, designed to avoid the “counter-grain” effect.

Metrogramma Milano by Andrea Boschetti has created Materia, inspired by the earth’s crust; Tattoo, drawings that can be read as artificial but changing shapes, just like ink on the skin; and Impressioni, to rely on the sensitivity of the observer’s eye.

Proposed by CaberlonCaroppi, Inked plays with geometric graphics that make materiality incorporeal; and Frames features fragments of nature as main elements, reinvented in new combinations in an unprecedented image of reality.

Alfonso Femia/AF*Design has created Wings, which thanks to the use of sun’s reflections and iridescent textures, recreates the image of the wings of the dragonfly; and Lucifer, white feathers dyed red, thus making ambiguous and curious the relationship between something that is being born or is coming to the surface.

Cibic Workshop’s proposals include Dots, a net where the different shades and intensities of colors create a virtual firmament; Clouds, which takes its cue from the idea of ​​seeing the clouds in the sky through a very thin net; and Arlecchino, an irregular geometric decoration with different grains and finishes that create an effect of mystery and depth.

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