Floating Museum named artistic directors of the 2023 Chicago Architecture Biennial
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Floating Museum named artistic directors of the 2023 Chicago Architecture Biennial

The multifaceted collective of artists, designers, educators, and writers appointed as artistic directors of the fifth edition

Floating Museum named artistic directors of the 2023 Chicago Architecture Biennial
By Editorial Staff -

The Chicago Architecture Biennale has a new artistic director – or rather, a new artistic collective – at its helm, with Floating Museum taking charge of artistic management of the fifth edition of one of the most important architecture and design events in North America. This multifaceted group is behind a string of innovative, far-sighted projects that harmoniously interweave art, craftsmanship, architecture, education, and sociology. Made up of Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford, Faheem Majeed, Andrew Schachman, and Avery R. Young, the collective has the huge responsibility and honor of directing the next CAB, which, starting in September 2023, is being organized around the theme of “This Is a Rehearsal”.

The members of Floating Museum include artists, designers, poets, writers, and educators dedicated to making new connections between art, community, architecture, and public institutions. Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford is assistant professor of sculpture at Indiana University Northwest and, like his colleague Faheem Majeed a visual artist. Through his works and his curatorships, Majeed has set himself the goal of creating dialogue between artists and the public, while maintaining his commitment as an educator and communicator. The same applies to Avery R. Young, who’s best known as a poet, songwriter, performer, and multidisciplinary artist. Finally, Andrew Schachman designs installations, environments, and infrastructures.

Chicago Architecture Biennial 2023 Founders Floating Museum, Eric Perez

With these multifaceted and complementary creative underpinnings, the collective investigates different responses to social, political, and environmental problems, believing that issues like these that affect us all should be addressed through a vision that goes beyond borders to encompass different interrelationships between art, architecture, infrastructure, and community participation. And as Mayor Lori Lightfoot, named First Citizen of the Year in 2019, has pointed out, this is vital for the city of Chicago:

“Developing the supportive infrastructure of our city – both in terms of the physical infrastructure and public programs – are a top priority for my administration and presents unique opportunities to uplift our historically underserved communities. Under the direction of the artistic team, which has already undertaken ambitious projects to creatively support and promote our city, the 2023 Chicago Architecture Biennial will bring innovative ideas and projects to life, as well as spark important dialogue here in Chicago.”

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In the artistic directors own words

Chicago Architecture Biennial 2023 Monument Reassembly, Nathan Keay

“Floating Museum is organized to work at the intersection of disciplines, where civic participation inspires and shapes our process - say the members of Floating Museum -. We view this as a tremendous chance to coordinate exchanges between Chicago networks and practitioners around the world. We see this as a platform where work happening in Chicago can inform work happening elsewhere, and reciprocally, where work happening around the world can inspire work happening here.”

The event has the backing of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, which, as the event’s principal partner, also makes the Chicago Cultural Center available for the event. A detailed program will be released in the coming months, with the event promising to be a bridge between cultures, a catalyst for creativity, and an opportunity to respond to the “This Is a Rehearsal theme,” after the “Available City” theme of 2021 when David Brown was artistic director.

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Location: Chicago, USA
Artistic Team: Floating Museum
Date: September 2023

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