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FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau restyling

FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau Iosa Ghini Associati | THE PLAN

The aesthetic and technical development of its surfaces has led Fiandre Architectural Surfaces to completely restyle FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau, the innovative showroom and event facility it has set up at the Castellarano factory to support and inspire designers and its professional and private clients. The design, inaugurated on the occasion of CERSAIE 2019, was entrusted to architecture studio Iosa Ghini Associati, with whom Fiandre worked to redefine the design language and display layout for both the interiors and the outdoors areas. “Now, five years after the inauguration of FAB, we felt it was time to restyle our offices with a design which highlighted the ongoing evolution of the brand and its products”, says Federica Minozzi, Managing Director of the Iris Ceramica Group holding to which Fiandre belongs. “Iosa Ghini Associati drew up a very exciting design which was both new and highly functional, and which provides Fiandre and its public a place to host visitors with a strong statement of our identity, to show our products in all their forms and applications, and for entertainments”. The restyling project covered both the interior showroom, at around 1500 sq. m and the plaza of 5200 sq. m. Every single architectural detail features ceramic slabs, which have been worked into the design with the utmost care and attention. The interior showroom has been divided by Ghini Associati into two large areas which host the two core products of the brand: large ceramic slabs and traditional tile sizes. The first area includes the reception area and a bar/kitchen featuring an island surfaced with Fiandre’s SapienStone 12 mm and Maximum 6 mm slabs. This area is dedicated to displaying Fiandre's Maximum range of large slabs, both on the walls and installed as furnishing elements. The visitor follows a route outlined by a skein of brushed brass tubes which also frames the products themselves, resulting in an almost metaphysical landscape. The second area, on the other hand, displays the undiminished design potential of traditional tile sizes in an installation inspired by the rooms of a boutique hotel, including the hall, reception desk, wellness facilities and spa, as well as connecting areas such as the corridors leading to the rooms, the lift and stairs, a suite, studio, lobby and bathroom. The furnishings in the various rooms are surfaced with Maximum slabs. This choice highlights the brand’s ability to service the requirements of the Horeca and luxury residential sectors with both floor and wall solutions and made-to-measure furnishings. There are also a number of technical display areas, which allow the client to realize his own ideas together with FAB’s staff. The showroom faces onto an elevated plaza measuring around 5200 sq. m, previously mainly used as a parking lot but now restyled as a pedestrian area with trees and urban furnishings coated with Fiandre ceramic products. The exterior features Granitech outdoors technical solutions with Fiandre Architectural Surfaces and Porcelaingres ceramic surfaces. Special thickness 20 mm Solida slabs by Fiandre coated the elevated central island. Another area of elevated flooring has been coated with 20 mm Urban slabs by Porcelaingres, cut to size in lozenges, while Arabescato Orobico slabs from the Marmi Maximum collection have been used to coat the Granitech ventilated walls. The ACTIVE technology has also enabled the creation of a “green lung” and a semicircular wall cladded with large Calacatta Light and Premium White Active slabs by Fiandre. The design by Iosa Ghini Associati has thus succeeded in giving a new face to FAB, Castellarano, which now perfectly embodies the identity of Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, with its vast range of products able to satisfy any design requirement and the technological evolution of its products and processes, always with a view to environmental and social sustainability.

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