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There were numerous new products on show at the 31st Euroluce biennial lighting exhibition that stood out for the interdisciplinary approach behind their creation. The theme of the 2023 show, the City of Lights, was all about showcasing the power of lighting in architecture and interior design. And lighting manufacturers are clearly embracing both creativity and science, combining optics, new technologies, experimentation, and innovation with art, sculpture, and traditional craft techniques. Along with all these points, Euroluce again confirmed its role as a leading event for eco-sustainability and energy saving.

Bronzetto - Perpetua, design Valeria Giuva Courtesy Bronzetto


Highlights among the latest products

Artemide attracted attention with a range of collections that grew out of collaborations with leading international architecture studios, including BIG, Mario Cucinella, Michele de Lucchi, Foster+Partners, Herzog & de Meuron, and many others. All these products reveal a growing focus on energy saving through the use of high-efficiency technologies. Highlights included Sylt with Helgoland, designed to be integrated with other products; the Dresipitz modular lamps; stand-alone models, including ALE.01 and Eggboard Circle; chandeliers such as Vine, Veil, Zephyr, and Osidio; and outdoor models, including Trilix, Knop, Gople Spot, Gople, Outdoor LED, Unterlinden Outdoor, and Se|eS.

The Perpetua collection, presented by Bronzetto, draws its inspiration from the eclecticism of nature. The range includes wall, ceiling, table, and floor lights that all feature a bubble of blown glass that hides the light source and is embellished with decorative brass.

With the theme More Than Lighting, BuzziSpace’s debuted its acoustic lighting range at Euroluce. Besides illumination, these playful and sophisticated designs contribute to acoustic comfort. Some examples are BuzziPebl Light, a decorative applique inspired by the shape of a stone; BuzziBurner, intended for private, intimate spaces; and BuzziSurf, a pendant that evokes infinite softness.

BuzziSpace - BuzziPebl Light Courtesy BuzziSpace

Catellani & Smith’s Ensō collection translates the Japanese symbol for completeness – the Ensō, which is represented in calligraphy by a circle – into a three dimensional blue sculpture with a brass base that projects delicate lighting effects onto walls.

The new collections from Contardi Lighting focus on quality manufacturing and sophisticated, high-performance materials. Baggy is a modular collection that allows complete compositional freedom. Stick is a range of lamps based on a single triangular module that also makes infinite configurations possible. Through a process of subtraction, Fly Floor disappears when the luminaire is turned on, leaving only the presence of light. The design of Bianca is inspired by the structure of a snowflake. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, Clara can be used anywhere, while Kiki is a modular product available in applique, table, and pendant versions.

The Aira lamp, designed by Marcantonio and produced by Horm, is intended to break with the traditional schemes of luxury, shaking up interiors with a design inspired by tree branches as symbols drenched in meaning.

The collections from Il Fanale are true works of art in blown glass. Stone Collection comprises Murano glass spheres that recall natural stone. Sfera Collection is a range of outdoor lamps with a blown glass bubble and an antiqued brass cap.

Simes - Bell Courtesy Simes

Italamp showcased an unprecedented vision of light. The PIOLA collection, designed by Danilo de Rossi, is a mixture of glass and metal that creates evocative luminous backdrops. MARGOT, designed by Roberta Vitadello, is a sumptuous chandelier with classic, timeless lines. AURORA, by Virginia Cei, is an eclectic and colorful collection with a playful mood. Finally, NUBE, a design by Defne Koz, is a weightless cloud of Murano glass that seems to float in the air.

The latest from Midgard is the RAY collection, a table and floor lamp with a minimalist and efficient design. Its arm comprises slender steel rods, while the intensity and direction of the light is adjusted with the simple movement of a slider.

The key new product from Simes is Apply, a collection of lights with compact, geometric lines in which the glass is invisible. The recessed light provides high visual comfort without glare, while the Water Flow system has perforations for water drainage. Apply is available in three different formats: ceiling-mounted for broad, diffused light; wall-mounted, in square and rectangular designs (both single and bi-directional); and post-mounted for the garden, with the head adjustable by 20 degrees for lighting paths. Another product showcased by the company at Euroluce was its IP System, the first outdoor lighting system that combines linear lighting with point lighting accents.


Keep up with the latest trends in the architecture and design world


Contardi Lighting - Baggy by Paola Navone - OTTO Courtesy Contardi Lighting

Stilnovo displayed numerous new products, all of them distinguished by functionality and the kind of beauty that can express anyone’s personality. A highlight is Halley, a work lamp inspired by the comet of the same name that moves in a regular orbit by using a counterweight.

The result of collaboration with designer Umut Yamac, Array from Vibia is a sculpture born from the exploration of thread. The collection comprises lamps with conical and cylindrical designs, which can be combined to create original installations.

Wästberg Lighting featured a range of designs suitable for both the home and office, including Alto, a collection that lights up rooms with pleasant indirect lighting, and Focal, with a minimalist, unobtrusive design by David Chipperfield that’s businesslike but in no way impersonal.


Outdoor moods

Euroluce 2023 dedicated a great deal of space to outdoor lighting, with numerous new products on show.

Spoon, a lighting system designed by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia for Cariboni Group, is intended to make urban lighting an integral part of the metropolitan landscape as an element able to communicate and react to constantly changing situations. The collection has three different lamps that can be fixed to vertical rods or low cylindrical stems, and to walls or ceilings.

Cariboni Group - Spoon by Alfonso Femia ©Stefano Anzini, courtesy Cariboni Group

The creation of outdoor landscapes is the focus of Platek, which featured two new products, both evocative designs that inspire the emotions. Balina is a lamp that combines the perfection of a glass sphere with small dimensions to produce a delicate, discreet effect. Ripple is a blown glass lamp that creates abstract reflections.

Colorado is a façade lighting system developed by L&L Luce&Light. It features a linear profile, is available in units up to 66 feet (20 m) in length, and is characterized by shades of warm and cold white light, and, in the RGBW version, the way it mixes colors.

Goccia Illuminazione, a company specializing in urban lighting, unveiled T-LUX, a collection intended to give outdoor spaces the lighting and comfort of the home. This essential, high-performance range includes pole-mounted and wall models. IANUS is a collection of pole-mounted lights and street furniture available in bidirectional and unidirectional versions. PROTO is a family of outdoor spots available in wall, ground, and pole-mounted versions.


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Cutting-edge technologies

Lighting is increasingly introducing new technologies, with innovative and patented new products able to create highly evocative moods.

Ambientec is a Japanese brand that specializes in portable lighting designed to create atmosphere – a new concept that combines technology, science, and optics with poetry and design. The new products presented at Euroluce 2023 were MADCO and EXTRUS. Designed by Elisa Ossino, MADCO is a minimalist lantern that experiments with color. EXTRUS, an aluminum lamp designed by Kensaku Oshiro, illuminates with an evocative interplay of light and shade.

Occhio - Luna Courtesy Occhio

The highlight from Occhio was Luna, a masterpiece of lighting engineering that uses Fireball technology. Patented by the company, it consists of a frosted glass sphere that emits a soft, glare-free but direct light that appears to float like a celestial body.

A company that focuses on integrating lighting into furniture, Luce5 showcased Tech Thickness, a new technology that’s intended to change the world of interior design. This is a composite technology based on the use of extremely light and strong aluminum that makes it possible to manufacture recessed lights as thin as 1/16” (5 mm).

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