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Elegant minimalism and hi-tech come together to create visual wellbeing

Minimalism and hi-tech for visual wellbeing with Delta Light
By Editorial Staff -

Technology, elegance, and comfort are all keywords to describe the 2021 range from Delta Light, a company that, after 30 years in the business, nowadays sets the benchmark in architectural lighting. The inspiration underlying all the new products is the firm’s human-centric vision – a vision that it shares with the numerous internationally renowned designers who collaborated with Delta Light to create the collection.

Discover Soliscape, the lighting system created in collaboration with UNStudio

The extensive range for 2021 is showcased in the Delta Light catalog, The Lighting Bible 14. All these products are the result of the cutting-edge technologies developed by Delta Light’s R&D team specifically to create elegant lighting solutions that improve people’s visual wellbeing. Twenty-four years since its first release, The Lighting Bible is now available in two editions: “Create,” which focuses on the more technical aspects of the range, and “Imagine,” dedicated to architectural projects that have put the firm’s products at centerstage.

Elegant forms and reduced dimensions are among the stylistic hallmarks that distinguish the latest collection. Standouts include Nime, among the smallest recessed ceiling lights ever, created in collaboration with lighting designer Dean Skira. 

Other highlights include Haloscan, a light that uses a sophisticated flat lens and the patented Ex-Centric Rotation System to turn and tilt. Multinova can be tilted up to 90°, making it possible to light vertical surfaces. Versatile and with striking good looks, Artuur is a range of downlights with a convex lens that hides its LED light source technology. In 2021, Delta Light has also reimagined one of its iconic ranges: Spy. Distinguished by minimalism, functionality, and versatility, the range can satisfy numerous lighting needs, including both indoor and outdoor, and in residential as well as commercial settings. Finally, we should mention the Zoover pendant lamp, immediately recognizable with its large felt shade.

Discover The Lighting Bible 14, and the new collection, at www.deltalight.com/new

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