EFFETTO AirClissi: air and light combined for perfect comfort
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EFFETTO AirClissi: air and light combined for perfect comfort

Galletti releases a new hydronic cassette fan coil unit

EFFETTO AirClissi: air and light combined for perfect comfort
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Galletti has participated in the project

Conceived with clean, elegant, and essential lines, Galletti’s new EFFETTO AirClissi hydronic cassette fan coil unit also lets users adjust the brightness of its incorporated LED lights. The product, among the latest innovations from the company’s inhouse Advanced Design Unit, takes advantage of the Coandă effect, combining it with a very thin layer of LED lights. The goal from the outset was to create a product that would complement the style of the space in which it’s installed without having to find ways to hide the cassette. The possibility of dimming the lights, independent to cooling and heating levels, plays a central role in this. The lights themselves are 4000K neutral white and controlled by an EVO microprocessor, also supplied by Galletti.

As mentioned, EFFETTO AirClissi takes advantage of the Coandă effect, which means that air from the unit never blows directly on the people inside the room but on the ceiling and walls. To achieve this, the geometries of the ducts were designed using computational fluid dynamics simulations to optimize air flow and make the distribution around the space as even as possible and avoid less comfortable pockets, especially in cooling mode.

EFFETTO AirClissi can also be combined with Acqvaria technology, a 23 5/8 x 23 5/8” (600x600 mm) hydronic cassette.


Material and colors

Galletti, EFFETTO AirClissi ©Jasmine Pappalardo, courtesy of Galletti

The unusually linear and clean design of EFFETTO AirClissi is underscored by the bright new material used for the unit. Named Dibond®, it comprises a sandwich structure of two aluminum plates that, besides having excellent resistance to condensation, has allowed Galletti’s Advanced Design Unit to create such a minimal design and offer it in three different colors: Gray (with a brushed raw aluminum finish), White (RAL 9010), and Black (RAL 9005).

The result is a product that’s suitable for commercial, work, and hospitality applications.

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More informations: www.galletti.com


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