Edoardo Camardella Bivouac by Progetto CMR
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Edoardo Camardella Bivouac: Design and technology at high altitude

Built at 3000 m on the Ruitor Glacier in La Thuile, Val d’Aosta, this tiny mountain refuge is energy self-sufficient and can sleep up to six people

Progetto CMR

Edoardo Camardella Bivouac by Progetto CMR
By Editorial Staff -
Schueco, Guardian Glass, Concreta have participated in the project

A high-tech project created for extreme conditions and a charitable initiative that grew out of a love of mountaineering, the Edoardo Camardella Bivouac was inaugurated in early July. Located at 3360 m above sea level, the project celebrates its mountain location by integrating perfectly into its setting on the Ruitor Glacier in La Thuile, Val d’Aosta, Italy. Designed by Progetto CMR, the refuge is named after Edoardo Camardella, a young mountaineer and ski instructor who lost his life in an avalanche on Mont Blanc with his friend Luca Martini on November 30, 2019.

Bivacco Edoardo Camardella - Progetto CMR © André Barailler, courtesy Progetto CMR


The project

Located at a strategic point for mountaineers and a place much loved by Edoardo, the mountain hut is the first in La Thuile above 3000 m. Comprising two blocks encased in a prefabricated envelope with high performance insulation, it was built in a factory and then transported to its site by helicopter. Light, strong, and energy self-sufficient, the structure is equipped with solar panels and rests on a raised steel platform that ensures it stays horizontal while also protecting it from severe weather conditions.

Storage batteries, housed under the building, collect energy from the solar panels to power lighting and an underfloor heating system, making the hut habitable. Inside, a commemorative wall tells the story of the project, while a large window shows off the view of Mont Blanc.

Designed with respect for the Alpine ecosystem and to make the mountain accessible throughout the year, the bivouac can accommodate up to six people. It’s also the highest weather station in the Graian Alps and one of the highest in Europe. And it’s equipped with a 360-degree webcam that photographs the real situation around the bivouac every ten minutes, making it a useful tool for collecting data for monitoring climate change.

Bivacco Edoardo Camardella - Progetto CMR © André Barailler, courtesy Progetto CMR


“An unforgettable place”

Work on the project started a couple of years ago, when Massimo Roj, CEO and founder of Progetto CMR, and a friend of the Camardella family, began raising the funds needed for the refuge and bringing onboard partners and companies willing to supply the necessary materials and patents as part of a consortium. Completed in December 2021, the refuge was first assembled in Piazzale delle Funivie, La Thuile, so that the local community could familiarize themselves with it before it was lifted by helicopter to the summit the following summer.

“This project is really close to my heart,” says Roj. “We’ve created an unforgettable place through participation and cooperation.”


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Location: La Thuile, Valle D'Aosta, Italy
Completion: 2022
Architect: Progetto CMR

Structures: Faces Engineering
Plant Equipment: Ariatta
Wind Engineering: Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Meccanica

Main Contractor: Gualini - Gruppo COSTIM
Installation: Barailler Edilizia
Interiors: Concreta
Windows and Façade Frames: Schüco
Glass: Guardian Glass

Photography by André Barailler, courtesy of Progetto CMR

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