Drawing of the Year Awards 2024
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Drawing of the Year Awards 2024, the fifth edition kicks off

Launched by Archisource, the contest is open to all and free to enter. Submissions, to be issued within March 17th, must convey architecture, design, or the built environment

Drawing of the Year Awards 2024
By Editorial Staff -

There are few days left to participate in the Drawing of Year Awards 2024: submissions, to be issued within March 17th, must encapsulate the essence of architecture, design, or the built environment

Archisource celebrates this year the fifth edition of the Drawing of Year Awards, a creative competition about visual representations within architecture and design, honoring the work crafted by professionals and students worldwide. The mission of the initiative is to acknowledge high quality in image creation, embracing the different spectrum of visual expressions across various styles, typologies, and functions.

Open to all and with no access fee, the Award features six major categories, each highlighting different aspects of the creative process: Drawing of the Year, Digital Drafting, Digital Media, Hand Drawn, Mixed Media, and Visualisation

In their essence, the Drawing of the Year Awards celebrate the power of drawings, providing a platform to recognize and amplify the voices of creatives worldwide. Whether through hand-drawn illustrations, digital renderings, collages, or paintings, these Awards seek to spotlight the extraordinary talents shaping the future of architecture and design.


Drawing of the Year Awards 2024, the Prizes

In partnership with Affinity - a photo editing, graphic design and page layout software - Archisource offers prizes worth a little under €120,000, including individual prizes for the six category winners who will win the ultimate studio set up worth up to € 14,000 each, including software licenses, creative tools and studio essentials.

Additional prizes include pen displays, tablets, phones, headphones, books, sustainable designer bags, and stationery. Furthermore, the top 250 entrants will win a complimentary Affinity V2 Universal License.

Archisource, in collaboration with Nature Squared, has designed bespoke trophies crafted from sustainable materials to honor the winners. Beyond the chance of winning rewards, the participants will have the opportunity to be published, further elevating their profiles within the global design community, and of being featured in the latest release of the Ideas Pocketbook 2024.


>>> “(Re)membering the See Monster” by Eldry John Infante, is the Overall Winner of the 2023 edition of The Architecture Drawing Prize

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