Design and bathroom furnishings: the fall-winter trends combine minimal lines and sustainability
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Design and bathroom furnishings: the fall-winter trends combine minimal lines and sustainability

The trends direct from Cersaie 2022

Design and bathroom furnishings: the fall-winter trends combine minimal lines and sustainability
By Editorial Staff -
Artesi, Fiora, Flair Showers, Glass Design, Ardeco have participated in the project

The latest trends in bathroom surfaces, ceramicware, and furniture for fall-winter 2022–23 are in from Cersaie. And it looks like minimalist lines, essential shapes, clear-cut geometries, and soft tones inspired by nature are set to distinguish the bathrooms of today and tomorrow. Beauty, a connection with the outdoors, and sustainability are all essential elements of this interior design trend. A good example is the products featured by Fiora and Flair Showers, both companies in the bathroom furniture sector, which brought their takes on quality, aesthetics, and functionality to Bologna from Spain and Ireland, respectively.


Fiora: customized lightness

Fiora, Titan Courtesy of Fiora

Dedicated to maximum customization to cater to the personalities and needs of its customers, Fiora presented four new products that reflect the brand’s attention to detail, pragmatic approach, and desire to step outside the traditional. They include the Rok and Massimo furniture lines, and the Sfera and Silex Titan shower trays.

Rok is versatile semi-modular bathroom furniture designed by Fiora Design Studio. It stands out for its architectural straight lines and its innovative, modern, and elegant design. With a customizable handle, models with or without feet, and exclusive new colors and finishes, the range is highly versatile in terms of shapes and finishes. With countless design and customization options, it works in numerous settings. The unusual pedestal mirror, the slight asymmetry of the drawers, and the rounded edges all add to its uniqueness.

There are also three new shower trays. With its soft shape, and uniquely delicate touch, Massimo is all about lightness and wellbeing. It’s also 50% lighter than a conventional product but is no less resistant. Combining two elements and a smooth surface, Massimo creates a unique and pleasant sensation with its soft, comfortable finish.

Sfera is an example of asymmetrical beauty and smooth transition. With its halfmoon shape and double surface finish, the shower tray is quite unique. Its dreamlike design, asymmetry, and rounded shapes reveal extreme creativity.

Silex Titan, a redesign of Fiora’s iconic Silex, strikes a balance between lightness and solidity. Although weighing 30% less than the shower tray it’s based on, Silex Titan loses nothing in terms of strength and resistance, while gaining green credentials since, with its lower mineral content and weight, it has improved sustainability and is easier to handle and install. Its slate finish improves its non-slip properties, while also determining its color range, from slate tones to black and white.


Flair Showers: a lively aesthetic

Flair Showers, ILI Courtesy of Flair Showers

Long-established Irish brand Flair Showers specializes in shower enclosures and bath screens. At Cersaie it presented one of its latest technological innovations along with a selection of new finishes. The ILI collection features a selection of shower doors and a new chrome-plated handle with sleek, minimalist lines that combine aesthetics and functionality. The practicality of an integrated towel hook adds to its formal lightness. With its minimalist profile, the shower doors are slim and high, while still sturdy and stable.

The collection is designed for the comfort of the whole family. The door runs smoothly and quietly in its track on stainless steel ball bearings. The style of the handle is also reflected in the slightly rounded chrome-plated hinges, creating a sparkling and lively look. Concealed fixing points and ultra-clear seals complete the captivating aesthetic of this collection. Finally, the patented Click Fit system makes installation simple and intuitive.

Also among the new products on show were new finishes of black, brushed brass, polished gold, and brushed nickel for the rotating panels in the Ayo Walk In range. The PVD coating is applied to high-quality 304 grade stainless steel to produce an incredibly durable, hardwearing finish. And the range is now even more versatile and minimalist with the new rotating panel on elegant hinges that opens 180 degrees.

The range combines nature and naturalness to create feelings of wellbeing.


Glass Design: the elegance of craftsmanship and bamboo

Glass Design, Milanobath Courtesy of Glass Design

Inspired by Milan as a city that symbolizes design, the new collection from Glass Design explores the bathroom through elegance, innovation, and accessories. Dubbed MILANOBATH®, the collection reflects Italy’s rich craft heritage. The underlying idea of the range is to make it possible to create a total look for the bathroom. For this reason, all the MILANOBATH® accessories, such as the mirrors, lamps, and other items, can be perfectly combined with the Percorsi Privilegiati dell’Acqua washbasin collection. The effect is stylish with close attention paid to the materials. And for the first time, Glass Design has introduced bamboo to its accessory collection, a plant that’s eco-sustainable thanks to its rapid rate of growth. Available in a selection of finishes, the bamboo combines with brass (also in a range of colors) or stoneware in the Calacatta Marble and Marquinia Marble finishes.

The products range from a wall-hung cabinet with an integrated double chest of drawers and integrated Domus drawer to a freestanding cabinet with door, shelves, and an integrated Virtus mirror, and the Virtus XL wall cabinet with its black lacquered bamboo front.

Finishing off the collection is a 39 inch (100 cm) diameter backlit mirror with a satin-finished outer edge, and the Saturn lamps, which coordinate with the furniture and are available in wall or ceiling versions.


Artesi Group: the importance of color

Gruppo Artesi, Picture Courtesy of Gruppo Artesi

Choosing a particular color means giving importance to a space in much the same way as highlighting particular words in a book. From this awareness, the Artesi Group has created a series of collections whose main driving force is color, with neutral and more decisive tones in matte and gloss finishes.

One of the new products on show was a selection of Ardeco Picture mirrors. Round or rectangular, the mirrors are incorporated into a rectangular or square metal base. Backlit, they stand out from the wall, shimmering with their own light. The metal frame is available in two styles and twelve colors: white, dove gray, brick, rock, lead, mud, midnight blue, fog, ash gray, linen, and clay.

Space di Artesi is a collection of modular and customizable accessories. The backbone of the range is a vertical accessorizable rod, which can be fitted to a wall, ceiling, or in front of the shower, and can be optionally equipped with shelves, towel rails, or mirrors.


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