CUBO Advanced Project Engineering by Roberto Papini
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CUBO Advanced Project Engineering: Art above all else

Using photorealistic renderings, this Milan-based company, led by gallery owner Roberto Papini, creates custom interior designs based on the works of painters, sculptors, and photographers

CUBO Advanced Project Engineering by Roberto Papini
By Editorial Staff -

Starting with works by artists of the caliber of Jonathan Guaitamacchi, Alessandro Papetti, Luca Pignatelli, and Giovanni Frangi, Milan-based company CUBO A.P.E. creates interior design projects that are as tailored made for its clients as a bespoke suit. Roberto Papini, art critic, curator, and founder of Milan art gallery Arting159, set up this unique firm a few years ago.

CUBO A.P.E.’s design team looks after every detail of projects, using the best modeling software available to create exclusive and comfortable interior spaces, beginning with artworks selected by Papini. The company operates in the most diverse markets, from Milan to Dubai, and on projects for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, and retail, creating interiors that inspire while providing comfort and functionality.

Courtesy CUBO A.P.E.


Interview with Roberto Papini

When and why did you set up CUBO A.P.E.?

I set up the firm during the pandemic to create something beautiful in what was a terrible period. Since it wasn’t possible to go to museums or galleries back then, I thought that this was a way that people could enjoy art in their own home. A way of creating homes that go a step beyond combining aesthetics and functionality to create a fusion of contemporary art, architecture, and design. Homes that reflect the personality, identity, history, and plans of their occupants. With my team of designers, we draw our designs from paintings, sculpture, and photographs to create spaces tailored to our clients.

Courtesy CUBO A.P.E.

What type of clients do you work with?

We have a niche clientele. But I always say that our niche is “an inch wide and a mile deep.” CUBO A.P.E.’s services are aimed at an extremely narrow category but involve many specialized professions. Our clients are art lovers who not only have the means to create something out of the ordinary and unique, but are also cultured, with a deep awareness of what they do and what they want. Large projects obviously offer greater scope, but our goal is to create something beautiful in any dimension. You can create a home-museum even in a two-room apartment.

Courtesy CUBO A.P.E.

What services do you offer?

We cater to multiple markets, from residential to commercial and hospitality. Our strength lies in showing clients the project even before it’s created by using photorealistic renderings and three-dimensional animations. This can be a unique and even moving experience for them. Part of our work is to design objects specifically for clients according to their desires and needs, be they a painting or a table, a sculpture or a sofa. We design functional spaces, such as kitchens, in collaboration with some of the most skilled tradespeople in Brianza, and not just by selecting a model from a catalog. Curtains, doorknobs, lamps, flooring – we personalize every room, beginning with art. For example, we create custom-made wool and silk carpets that reflect the colors of the artworks on display in that particular space. We draw our inspiration from a painting, a sculpture, a photograph. And, as we’re also general contractors, we can handle interior restyling and renovation projects.

Courtesy CUBO A.P.E.

Can you describe the design process you follow at CUBO A.P.E.?

I need to see and experience the house and its garden, take in the surrounding nature, and talk at length to the owners to understand their needs and dreams. I always go on site. I explore the context, think about the work to be done, and make a few sketches. Once I return to Milan, I share my ideas with the team of architects who work with me, who then develop the project. I’m therefore combining my experience in the art world with the professionalism of interior and industrial designers, and architects to offer clients a complete, personalized, and quality service with quality designs that are always one step ahead of fashions and trends.

Images courtesy CUBO A.P.E.

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