Collegio della Guastalla: conservation with innovation
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Collegio della Guastalla: conservation with innovation

Finstral supplies windows and French doors for Collegio della Guastalla’s historic premises

Collegio della Guastalla: conservation with innovation
By Editorial Staff -
Finstral has participated in the project

“As testaments to another age, historical buildings possess a special magic. If we want to preserve this magic, however, every building must eventually undergo renovation.” As pointed out by Antonio Viscomi, president of the Guastalla Foundation, this has always been the case and has certainly always applied to Collegio della Guastalla. Countess Paola Ludovica Torelli founded the school in 1557 for the education and betterment of underprivileged girls. The college moved to its current premises in Villa Barbò Pallavicini, Monza, in 1938. At this site, the school has continued to adapt to changing perspectives on teaching and today it offers classes from nursery level through high school.

Over the years, changing educational approaches have led to changes to the building, the gardens, and the adjoining land, which became the property of the college in 1936. The building itself, however, dates from 1799, when the noble Barbò Pallavicini family began its construction as its country home. It was never finished, however, and for many years it was used as a farmhouse.

The latest renovation to this listed neoclassical building include the replacement of its windows. This involved the challenge of combining energy efficiency with the conservation of the home’s beauty and historic identity.

“The original character of the building, its aesthetics, its proportions – everything had to be preserved,” continued Viscomi. “Under no circumstances could the new windows appear out of place.” Starting with the windows and doors, therefore, each phase of the renovation was envisioned as a bridge between past and present.


Customized designs and innovative functions

Collegio della Guastalla ©Hannes Meraner, courtesy of Finstral

South Tyrolean company Finstral contributed to the project by supplying 349 windows and 24 French doors, each of them products distinguished by their modularity, customized designs, innovative functions, and straightforward installation. The historical aesthetics of the building were left unaltered, while the PVC core, co-extruded window gaskets, and welded corners of the products provided state-of-the-art performance. The Mediterran 2 solar-control glass used provides excellent sunshading, so that classrooms are flooded with natural light but don’t overheat during summer. Comprising two sheets of glass bonded with tear-resistant film, Multiprotect laminated safety glass ensures excellent safety levels. If a window does break, the film holds the glass together, minimizing the risk of injuries. And if the glass is damaged, it cracks but doesn’t shatter. This is an important safety feature for any school, given the huge range of activities that can take place in them.

Ease of installation meant that classes weren’t disrupted, while ensuring the safety of students and teachers.

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Location: Monza, Italy
Suppliers: Finstral

Photography by Hannes Meraner, courtesy of Finstral

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