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Cherry Hills Residence Alvarez Morris Architectural Studio

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Alvarez Morris Architectural Studio

Cherry Hills Residence Alvarez Morris Architectural Studio
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Capoferri Serramenti has participated in the project

Surrounded by nature with ample green space, Cherry Hills is one of the latest villas designed by Alvarez Morris Architectural Studio in the Arapahoe County village also called Cherry Hills. Integrated into this American landscape, its dimensions, height and essential lines make it almost imperceivable to an observer’s eye. A similar effect, almost of dematerialization of the built in favor of spaces in constant contact with the exterior, can be appreciated from the inside of the residence: the large windows are without a doubt the defining element which characterizes many of the interior spaces, from the living area of the main building to the ground floor kitchen, to the bedrooms on both floors. This effect is even more evident where the transparency of the windows goes from the ground all the way up to the roof. The involvement and contribution of Capoferri, the company specializing in the production of window and door frames that is increasingly active in the contract sector at different scales and function, was crucial to obtaining this result. 

The first step in this project across the ocean was to consider the climate conditions of Colorado and its strong temperature fluctuations to guarantee an optimal climactic comfort. Capoferri designed and realized a unique hinged opening system for the large living room of the home. This part of the villa takes on the most hybrid connotations of the entire building: the large double-height glazed façades, whether opened fully or only partially, give the sensation of being outside. 

There is a constant connection with the nature surrounding the house throughout the day; when the lights are on at night, the Cherry Hills residence becomes a lantern in the dark. 

To achieve this effect, the large three-sided façades were fitted with hinged opening doors, a top rail – of a reduced thickness to guarantee a small profile, in line with the style requested by the architect – and a ball bearing runner flush with the floor to relieve the weight of the doors on the floor. 

The hardware and visible closures, made entirely of stainless steel, were specifically designed for this opening system. Once the two façades were designed and prototypes were made, they were assembled in-house to thoroughly test both the opening systems and all the performance requirements (thermal, acoustic, wind resistance, air and water tightness).

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