Cevisama 2023: all the trends and awards in the world of ceramics
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Cevisama 2023: all the trends and awards in the world of ceramics

Inspiration from nature, neutral tones, and a minimalist aesthetic are some of the main trends

Cevisama 2023: all the trends and awards in the world of ceramics

The colors and shapes of nature are increasingly taking a starring role in homes and hotels. So too are minimalist aesthetics with neutral tones, and fusions of different geometric motifs that interweave contrasting styles and eras. All these trends were confirmed by the new products on show in Valencia at Cevisama 2023, the international ceramics fair held between late February and early March. The event also confirmed the close eye that the ceramics, bathroom furnishings, and natural stone industries keep on change and innovation. This close attention to the latest trends was likewise reflected by the second Cevisama Trends, an event within the event where ceramics, decorations, design elements, and other products are displayed like an art exhibition.

Ceramics inspired by nature and those with more delicate tones can create relaxing, comfortable environments. Their increasing popularity might be the result of the extra time we spent at home during the pandemic. But this dynamic also reflects the greater attention we’re paying to the natural environment and our desire to protect it from human activities. It goes without saying that sustainability and responsibility are playing a key role here, the two having led to the introduction of greener manufacturing practices and supply chains, including through the use of technology. There’s also been a focus on reclaiming, enhancing, and updating styles that have written the history of design.


Nature designing new collections

Harmony, Log by Alt Design Courtesy of Harmony

A design language of irregular shapes and tones poised between the natural and the exotic, and details inspired by nature were a feature of many of the latest collections from Decocer, in particular the one called The Life. This collection is a good example of how it’s possible to give shape and substance to the vitality of life, transforming its forces into elegant, inviting, and timeless tones as well as intense colors, graphics, and – sometimes – unusual nuances.

On the other hand, the Log collection, designed by ALT Design for Harmony, was inspired by mountain architecture and the tactile qualities of wood. Although available in a range of colors – green, taupe, white, sand, anthracite – the design always suggests the idea of touching the bark of a tree.

Drawing its inspiration from nature’s more delicate shades, Erdek is a new collection from Vives that’s available in both gloss and matt versions for a sophisticated, contemporary effect. But the richness of the collection is created in particular by its colors and veining, which also make it suitable for a huge range of applications.


Minimalism and delicacy

Apavisa, Lumina Courtesy of Apavisa

Clarity and luminosity are just two of the key characteristics of Lumina, one of the new collections showcased by Apavisa. The range is a good example of the attention the company pays to finding a balance between elegance and modernity. The inviting colors create a calm mood while also revitalizing interiors with a sophisticated interplay of light and shade.

Delicate contrasts and understated tones for sophisticated environments are the hallmarks of the new collections from Arcana, whose personalities are often created by pronounced – but never excessive – veining in the porcelain or marble. An example is Doinyo-R, available in matt or polished finishes, with sinuous gold or blue waves against a pearl background.

The Mystic collection from Ibero (by Kareben Grupo) is an ode to elegance, inspired by the shapes and shades of the planet so as to reproduce its beauty and richness. The range can be combined in different patterns to create a unique look.


Games with geometries and eras

Peronda, FS Field by Francisco Segarra Courtesy of Peronda

The result of transforming geometric shapes and styles from different eras, Esencia Material, the new collection from APE Grupo, was designed by Erico Navazo. The starting point for the design was Navazo’s own childhood memories. As a result, this is a very personal collection in which he’s combined the essences of materials. Stone, marble, wood, and terrazzo are all clearly visible. For Navazo, the collection represents a real journey through his personal emotions, art, and the essence of materials.

The curving lines of sand dunes, stars, terrazzo in shades of Mars and Moon, and wood grain all served as the inspiration for the new collections from Peronda. Among them, FS Field, designed by Francisco Segarra, is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, and was inspired by the brightness of the rooms in a country house. The same designer also created FS Wild, a collection that perfectly reproduces the pattern and texture of ancient wood.

Realonda, on the other hand, presented a wide range of hexagonal formats, and innovative products in high-performance porcelain with non-slip and soft-to-the-touch finishes. Just one example is the Thassos series, available in two colors, one with gold veining and the other with blue. The new textured porcelain stoneware Lens creates a three-dimensional interplay of concave and convex shapes, giving a sense of life and movement to surfaces.


The Cevisama awards

Neolith Courtesy of Neolith

During the event, the Alfa de Oro prizes were awarded. This year they went to Neolith, Natucer, and Gresmanc Group, all of which were recognized for exhibiting the most innovative products at the event. The aim of the awards is to promote scientific, technological, and artistic creativity.

Neolith was awarded for Neolith Iconic Design, a new generation of sintered stone surfaces that combine design, innovation, and sustainability. The company also won the award for best booth.

Natucer was recognized for Natur-Led, which, as the name suggests, has invisible LED lighting integrated into the design. Finally, Gresmanc Group won its award for its façade products.

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