Cersaie 40: the latest in bathroom furnishings
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Cersaie 40: the latest in bathroom furnishings

From elegance to experimentation, with more customization options than ever

Cersaie 40: the latest in bathroom furnishings

Almost a hundred thousand visitors made their way to the 40th Cersaie this year, the international exhibition of architecture and bathroom ceramics, representing an 8.8% increase on 2022.

Between September 25 and 29, a total of 633 companies exhibited in the 1.5 million sq.ft. (145,000 m2) of Bologna Fiere’s 15 exhibition halls, with 354 from the ceramic tile sector, 96 from bathroom furnishings, and 183 firms from the installation, maintenance, raw materials, and surfaces sectors. The event also had a strong international presence, with 245 exhibitors (39% of the total) from 27 different countries besides Italy. Beginning with bathroom furniture, numerous new products were on display.


Caleido: 30 years of history

Caleido, Pavone Courtesy of Caleido

Established in 1993, Caleido celebrated 30 years of innovation, research, and design at Cersaie with a selection of radiators and towel warmers with surprising new looks. These products have translated the shapes and colors of these traditional bathroom fixtures into radical, contemporary designs. “We got into manufacturing radiators after a visit to Cersaie 1993,” said Danilo Rossetti, CEO of Caleido. “We began with basic models but, over the years, diversified our product to include more elegant designs, and started collaborating with important international designers and architects.”

The collection showcased at Cersaie 2023, dubbed The New Heritage, is a tribute to this 30 years. “We’ve revisited our whole catalog with new, more contemporary shades, as well as new materials,” continued Rossetti. “Products that started life made of brass, for example, are now available in steel, which is better suited to colorful finishes. But we’re also using numerous new materials, including stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, and copper, to meet architects’ need for hard-wearing products.” The result is products that offer a huge number of customization options.

Caleido brought design and good looks to what at the time was mainly a no-frills industry. “We never set too many limitations on designers,” added the CEO, “so that their creativity can run free in terms of design and materials. Our innovation lab works with designers and architects to constantly improve our catalog and develop new solutions.”

Some of the star designers that Caleido has worked with include Marco Piva, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, and Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, who have all been allowed to interpret the radiator from their own unique perspectives, thereby creating signature products that can define interiors.


Alice Ceramica: inspired by the moon

Alice Ceramica, Lunaris Courtesy of Alice Ceramica

Inspired by the enchantment and mystery of the moon, and designed by art director and marketing manager Manuel Di Giacobbe, Alice Ceramica’s new LUNARISTM collection includes washbasins, structures, and mirrors. “The enchantment of the passage of time marked by the waxing and waning of the moon shaped my creative intuition,” he explained. “Sophistication and simplicity are key elements of this project, which demonstrates that it’s possible to break the mold while remaining true to oneself.”

The washbasins are distinguished by the curving lines of their semicircular basin within a soft rectangular prism with rounded edges, which creates a generous and functional surface. They can be combined with powder-coated stainless steel structures with a towel rack and ceramic top or with a large lacquered push-pull drawer. The mirror, round and with a diameter of 28” (70 cm), combines with every size of washbasin. It has two 8” (20 cm) mirrors that can be moved along the upper and lower edges of the mirror.


APE Grupo: transform and innovate

Ape Grupo, Ilbagno Courtesy of Ape Grupo

APE Grupo showcased Ilbagno at Cersaie, a collection that promotes a transformative and innovative vision of the bathroom, characterized by high customizability (colors, finishes, sizes), and a vast range of products, from sinks to shower trays, tubs, furniture, and countertops. The collection is also available in a large selection of materials, including porcelain and Solid Surface. The final effect is an elegant bathroom, but without sacrificing functionality.


Artesi: timeless icons

Artesi, Urban Courtesy of Artesi

Artesi presented a restyling of its iconic Urban collection. The essential, most distinctive features of the original bathroom furniture, designed by Enrico Cesana, are still there, including the interrupted handle and the 45-degree beveled fronts. But there are now new interplays of color in new products that integrate with, and complete, the original line. The new paneled units of the MOTIVE series, for example, are available in two versions with lacquered shelves and doors, designed to create small bookcases that add a distinctive touch to the bathroom. Then there are the FOGGY wall unit in Plexiglas and metal, the MAXI wall unit, the SOLERÒ mirror (with vertical and horizontal versions), and the metal ZENITH lamp, with its urban mood.


Duscholux: centering on adaptability

Duscholux, Collection 3C Courtesy of Duscholux

Collection 3C is a series of shower enclosures with sliding doors from Duscholux. The range centers on adaptability and the possibility of installation in even the smallest spaces, with either corner or side doors. The range has no upper profiles, while the thin ones used on the sides guarantee both discretion and brightness. The doors are available with transparent, frosted, or partially frosted glass, a carbon finish, and with the hinge Platinum Silver, Black, and Black-Chrome to match the profiles. The glass used features the innovative CareTec Pro treatment, which, with its antibacterial properties, means the cubicle can be properly cleaned with a microfiber cloth, without the need for detergents. The treatment creates a transparent protective film on the surface of the glass with a water- and oil-repellent effect. It also minimizes the buildup of minerals, limescale, dirt, and soap scum.


Fiora: enhanced functionality and aesthetics

Fiora, Influence Courtesy of Fiora

Fiora premiered its Selene shower tray and Influence bathroom furnishing system at Cersaie. The first has a circular grid for an elegant and attractive design that also improves water drainage. Functionality and aesthetics, therefore, not only coexist in this product but also enhance each other to create an exceptional experience.

The heart of the Influence collection is a selection of three distinctive design languages for the fronts. Classic stands out for its linear, rationalist design that puts a modern spin on simple shapes. Curve, on the other hand, adds a touch of softness to the design, with its gently rounded edges, while Inglet dares to be different, with fronts and tops with beveled edges that create a bold, expressive look.


Glass Design: pushing the boundaries

Glass Design, Tonino Lamborghini Courtesy of Glass Design

Glass Design used Cersaie 2023 to show off the Tonino Lamborghini bathroom collection – cutting-edge products in terms of design experimentation and choice of materials. Available in seven iconic versions – Vision, Allure, Iconico, Moonshine, Marmofusion, Carbon Tech, and Loft – the collection stands out with its precise lines, faceted surfaces, chromatic details, and mirrored elements, all details that recall the heritage of the Toro brand. In all its different configurations, the Tonino Lamborghini bathroom range makes an unconventional design statement.


Kludi: the creativity and pleasure of design

Kludi, Nova Fonte Pura Courtesy of Kludi

Aiming to expand the customizability options available for bathrooms, Kludi has added a range of finishes to its Kludi-Nova Fonte Pura mixer range. So, the chrome, matt black, and matt white finishes have now been joined by scratch-resistant PVD brushed gold, brushed bronze, and brushed gunmetal, as well as powder-coated light dove gray, dove gray, turquoise, light blue, and matt red. “We’re not only adding to the creativity and pleasure of design, but we’re also giving everyone a chance to celebrate their own visual world and express their personality through the use of colors,” said Leonardo de Muro, vice president of marketing.

The pastel and opaque shades use an innovative powder coating method that makes the opaque colors in particular stand out. The glossy finishes, such as gold, bronze, and black, have strikingly brilliant looks. Kludi uses physical vapor deposition, a process whereby the products are placed in a vacuum and treated with a mix of magnetic inert gases at certain temperatures.


PROGETTO Group: color takes the leading role

PROGETTO Group, Stone Courtesy of PROGETTO Group

PROGETTO Group chose Cersaie for a special sneak preview of its Clip, Stone, Secret, and Fold mirror cabinets. Designed by Bruna Rapisarda, they’re colorful, smart, and compact. Clip, for example, is a compact mirror with rounded lines. At first sight, it has a traditional shape that guides the eye towards its handle, a transparent and colorful sphere of Murano glass. Apparently floating in mid-air, the handle invites you to open the door to reveal the storage space behind.

The vertical lines of the Secret mirror cabinet, on the other hand, are intended to make it suitable for any niche or small, unused part of a wall – next to the shower, say. And it can be used as a shelf for storing various products and objects.


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