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centro per l'architettura
By Editorial Staff -

The magnificent building, built between 1934 and 1935, was dedicated to the hospitality of the sovereigns of Italy in transit in Florence, remaining the last part of the great project of the Florentine train station, developed by the Gruppo Toscano headed by Giovanni Michelucci. The Chamber of Architects in Florence together with the Florentine architect foundation, in agreement with Grandi Stazioni, gave new life to this building and its spaces, not only restoring the the building but turning it into space for culture and architecture open to the city.
An example that recovers the dignity of a place and also returns to Florence as a meeting point, a hub where to develop and discuss ideas on architecture for the future of Florence and its province.
The area, reopened on April 25th after a long period of abandonment, places itself as a new cultural point for the city, and at the same time as a container of professional activities and landmark in the city for the promotion of architecture. 
One of the first goals of the Palazzina Reale is the commitment of the architects of Florence to regain a leading role in the national and international architecture scene, through the promotion and diffusion of the architectural culture. The new headquarter comes alive thanks to a series of activities such as workshops, exhibitions, training courses and events aimed to bring the citizens to the world of architecture.
Considered by the press of the time as a "building of great taste and absolute perfection", the Palazzina Reale marks strongly through a sharp junction that starts from the precious marble that covers the whole shell, whose shape defines the square of the station. The pavilion consists of a careful selection of high-quality materials in accordance with their place of destination, spaces that never had the opportunity to operate for the goal for which they were designed, undergoing during the years an uncertain destiny if not abandonment.

Photo: © Alessio Guarino, courtesy of OAF

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