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Bioclimatic pergolas for an eco-resort in the Noto Valley

Opera pergolas for La Masseria della Volpe in Noto Valley | THE PLAN
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Pratic F.lli Orioli has participated in the project

Installed on residential or Ho.re. Ca properties, Pratic pergolas offer all the advantages of an outdoor structure integrated into the surrounding context, providing optimal comfort in open spaces such as terraces, gardens and rooftops.

Bioclimatic roofing (Opera and Vision) boast adjustable sunshade blades to create optimal ventilation and lighting, taking advantage of natural sun and wind conditions. Made from aluminum, the blades can rotate up to 140 degrees, making it possible to select the right inclination for the desired quantity of brightness and breeziness.

The Brera Series of pergolas, equipped with retractable blades that compact together to open up sky views while offering total rain protection, offers the greatest possible opening. When the blades are closed, rainwater is channeled into perimeter and rain gutters to be carried away.

These pergolas are characterized by an essential design that enhances the product’s technological characteristics, using certified aluminum and stainless steel materials that are durable and resistant to UV rays, salt and moisture.

The wide palette of colors stays bright over time, making it possible to customize the product, enriching and completing the pergola with various accessories such as closing glass and LED lights.

Thanks to these characteristics, Pratic pergolas were selected for the renovation of a nineteenth-century estate in the province of Syracuse, La Masseria della Volpe, meeting high sustainability criteria and respecting the local area. Five Opera bioclimatic structures were installed to cover the outdoor areas of the spa and the destination’s charming restaurant overlooking the pool. This model minimizes consumption for ventilation, heating, air conditioning and lighting, leveraging technology that makes it possible to modulate natural shade and ventilation for optimal climatic comfort.

The company’s sustainable production processes and facilities were another plus for these products on this environmentally-friendly property. Opera is made wholly out of aluminum and painted without using solvents at a zero-impact plant. The color was customized to reprise the white of the light-colored stone that characterizes the farm; the restaurant’s external space can be sheltered from bad weather using the Slide Glass perimeter windows, while the soft LED lighting enhances the spaces in the evening and at other times of day. A dove-colored pergola was installed in the spa area to protect the outdoor jacuzzi.

All Pratic structures were fully-integrated into the surrounding context to enhance the resort’s essential style.

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