Beautiful surfaces combined with pictorial art Nexion Salone del Mobile
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Beautiful surfaces combined with pictorial art

At Salone del Mobile, Nexion presents a journey through ceramic surfaces inspired by the art of Edward Hopper

Beautiful surfaces combined with pictorial art Nexion Salone del Mobile
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Nexion has participated in the project

Nexion, an Indo-Italian company specialized in the production of ceramic surfaces, is at this year’s Salone del Mobile with a three-room booth that explores interactions between light and different surfaces, chiaroscuro effects, and Edward Hopper’s art. And the American artist’s paintings are the principal source of inspiration here, in particular his ability to use light to influence our visual and emotional perceptions.

The star of the show is the Riga collection. Depending on how light combines with these surfaces, they offer different perspectives, take on different expressions, and, even, stir the emotions. The unique quality of Riga – an acronym of Research, Inspiration, Graphics, Architecture – is the way light interacts with its different surfaces, the result of in-depth study and experimentation. Riga embodies the beauty of color combined with repeated patterns, evoking the works of the great artists who’ve used these elements in their masterpieces. But the collection also embodies a fusion of the industrial soul of concrete, the appeal of color, and the artisanry of minimalist, linear textures.

To mark the passage from experiencing the collection with the senses to a more matter-of-fact description, the booth includes an info wall that tells the story of the creative process behind Riga surfaces. The last leg of the journey then offers an immersive experience in the firm and its founding values of wellness, beauty, character, and experimentation.

Nexion, Riga


A space is never just a space

The exhibit presented at Salone grew out of a few key aims. First, Nexion wanted to show off its ability to draw on the richness of two different cultures, combining business mindedness with the principles of Italian design and Indian crafts. From this starting point, the firm is highlighting its commitment to improving people’s wellbeing through beauty, understood as harmony and balance in creating pleasant, quality living environments.

According to Nexion’s design philosophy, a space is never just a space, and a tile is never just a tile. Every surface is the result of its designers’ ability to fully connect with any source of inspiration and then create unique products that can enhance the personality of different spaces. This amounts to a new way of looking at surfaces as being parts of a whole, of a living space, and of one’s personal experiences.

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