Augustow Rowing Center: dynamism between land and water
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Augustow Rowing Center: dynamism between land and water

A project that can reconnect people with nature, with the contribution of Wisniowski doors and shutters


Augustow Rowing Center: dynamism between land and water
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Set between land and water in northeastern Poland, a place with numerous spa centers that’s traversed by the Netta River, the Augustow Rowing Center is a meeting place for rowers and a place that can reconnect people to their origins in nature.


From competition to construction

Completed in 2019, the project for this sports center, the work of architects Przemysław Sokołowski, from PSBA, and Jakub Zygmunt and Martyna Lenart-Zygmunt, from INOONI, won the competition held on 2016. Besides the center, the brief called for a launching ramp, premises for the rowing club, and adjacent recreational parkland.

The complex stands on a bend of the Netta River, surrounded by several public areas that are very popular with locals and tourists. The building itself is distinguished by the triangular shape created by its longitudinal sloping roof, which creates an enormous dynamism and is reminiscent of an upside-down boat on the river bank.

Centro Kayak Augustow courtesy Wisniowski

The main building houses a gym, a changing room, a relaxation space, boat storage, and a small services center. A secondary structure provides undercover mooring for motorboats, with its roof designed as a panoramic terrace from where spectators can watch competitions. Each space is designed to simplify the task of maneuvering canoes into the water.

Wood plays the central role. The roofs are Siberian larch, a material that made it possible for the architects to realize their ideas in a project that’s sustainable, hi-tech, and secure.


Maximum design performance of Wisniowski doors and windows

The design needed to factor in the center’s location on the riverbank and the long-term effects that such close proximity to water can have on both a building envelope and its fittings. With its range of high quality and dependable doors and shutters, Wisniowski contributed to the project and supported the architects’ vision, offering solutions that represented an optimal response and a guarantee in terms of efficiency, strength, and durability.

Centro Kayak Augustow courtesy Wisniowski

The products supplied by Wisniowski included its BR77 electric roller shutters, MakroPro sectional doors, and ECO hollow core steel doors.

The BR77 electric roller shutters provide maximum comfort and safety. The shutters are constructed using aluminum profiles, with seals on the lower edge and sides guaranteeing exceptional weatherproofing and insulation.

The MakroPro sectional doors combine the latest technology with scrupulous attention to detail to ensure excellent performance, safety, and ease of installation and maintenance. The 2.0 series combines with the Thermoset thermal insulation kit, which minimizes heat loss and maximizes indoor comfort.

Part of Wisniowski’s selection of exterior doors, the ECO hollow core steel doors were chosen for their functionality, strength, and durability. The range includes one- and two-leaf doors, with the passive leaf on the double version fitted with an automatic bolt. The doors can be solid with a powder-coating or glazed. Both are constructed using 1/32 – 1/16” (0.5–1.5 mm) galvanized steel, while the frame consists of steel profiles. The doors are side hung on two hinges and has an EPDM edging strip

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Photography by Wiśniowski

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