ATI Project: a journey beyond limits
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ATI Project: a journey beyond limits

THE PLAN Editions releases a monograph dedicated to international studio Architecture Technology Integrated Project, founded in Pisa by Branko Zrnic and Luca Serri

ATI Project: a journey beyond limits
By Editorial Staff -

A commitment to building a better future, respect for people and the environment, and championing sustainable buildings are the founding principles of ATI Project, an international practice headquartered in Pisa that specializes in integrated design in the architecture and engineering fields.

Established in 2011, ATI Project grew out of a meeting between Branko Zrnic and Luca Serri, and their shared interest in bioclimatic architecture and renewable energy. In a little over a decade, the studio has built a team of 400 professionals and opened offices in Milan, Belgrade, and several other European cities. The fuel behind this growth is a commitment to tackling new challenges, supported by ongoing major investments in research and development.

ATI Project is guided by the business vision of the two founders, who see every goal as a new starting point, while pushing the entire team to approach every opportunity with courage, mental flexibility, and organizational versatility. Applying a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to every phase of its projects, the studio can offer clients a complete service, from concept to completion.

Published by THE PLAN Editions, Beyond Limits examines the studio, its history, values, and plans for the future.

Beyond Limits

The ATI story is an entrepreneurial project driven by a desire to go beyond the limits, based on the belief that prioritizing people’s well-being and a spirit of collaboration are essential, as are investments in research and development. The ATI world is rich in humanity, diversity, enthusiasm and courage, along with a strong capacity for listening, determination, and commitment. 

Challenging as it may be to encompass this vibrant, ever-moving world within the pages of a book, this is the very reason why it deserves to be explored, on a journey we proudly think of as Beyond the Limits.

From the introduction to the volume

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