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Architrend Architecture, a book about simple complexity

Architrend Architecture

Edited By Editorial Staff - 19 November 2020

A new book from THE PLAN Editions takes you on a journey through Sicily via the designs of Ragusa-based practice Architrend Architecture.

The book is an exploration of this studio’s finest projects, each one created with an overarching desire to contribute to the beauty of their locations through well-built architecture that both nurtures and engages residents.

Architrend Architecture was established in 1989 by Gaetano Manganello and Carmelo Tumino. Its designs reflect a range of influences, including their training with Adolfo Natalini, the theories of Camillo Sitte as filtered through the work of the Krier brothers, the architecture of Aldo Rossi, and by the iconic buildings crated by Mario Botta and Franco Purini. Over the years, the studio’s style has matured and developed a unique identity, but it has never lost that passion and sensitivity towards each location, including its history and culture. With its clear, recognizable, and contemporary architectural language, the studio works in both historic town centers and outlying areas, creating architecture in situations that might be delicate or, even, challenging, but are always stimulating.

Manganello and Tumino explain: “We interpret each location in an active, contemporary way, making the most of the cues offered by the site itself while constantly being guided by its history. When we approach a new project, we try to fully understand the morphology of the place, its points of view, and the elements to be emphasized and those that belong in the background.”

The book includes a preface by Andrea Bartoli, founder of the Farm Cultural Park in Favara, an interview with the firm’s partners, and an introduction by Nicola Leonardi, director of THE PLAN.


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