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Archi-Tectonics on exhibit at Aedes Architecture Forum

Archi-Tectonics on exhibit at Aedes Architecture Forum | THE PLAN
By Editorial Staff -

Flatlands & Massive Things - From NL to NYC & Beyond, an exhibition that explores the philosophy, methodology and creative thinking of Archi-Tectonics, an award-winning international architecture firm founded by Winka Dubbeldam, will be on view at Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin (Christinenstr. 18-19, 10119 Berlin), from March 16 until April 25, 2019. There will be a lecture, discussion and opening reception on March 15, starting at 5.00 pm. Special opening hours on Saturday, 16 March 2019, 1 to 5 pm. The sponsor include Abet Laminati, Material Exterior Grade, Rieder, Zumtobel, NL, THE PLAN. The exhibition will be open Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 6:30 pm, and Sunday and Monday from 1 to 5 pm.
Six multiple-scale firm projects designed by Dubbeldam and her partner Justin Korhammer in collaboration with a team of highly skilled designers, engineers, consultants, and contractors will be showcased at Aedes. Renderings, drawings, models, animations and videos will help provide insight into the firm’s design strategies that engage the newest digital technologies with a philosophical approach. Because of their methodology, Archi-Tectonics is considered one of the leading firms in the field of research and innovative building design.
The firm’s use of hybrid sustainable materials and smart building systems to produce elegant and innovative structures will be evident in the projects selected for the exhibition, including 512 Greenwich Street, New York, 33 Vestry Street, New York, Soho Tower, New York, Blaak Tower, Rotterdam, Hangzhou Grand Canal Asian Games Park, Hangzhou, China and Inscape Meditation Studio, New York.
Flatlands & Massive Things - From NL to NYC & Beyond documents the Dutch-American influences in Dubbeldam’s work. She studied architecture at the Institute of Higher Professional Architectural Education in Rotterdam and Columbia University in New York where she established her own firm. Despite their obvious differences, The Netherlands and New York City share some significant contextual similarities. Both are characterized by flat landscapes with extensive waterfronts, and they consequently face the opportunities, as well as the risks, of this exposure. In this context, Archi-Tectonics’ strategy has been to create a tangible, artificial topography by setting “objects” in the flat city fabric. The arrangement of buildings, which develop from the horizontal to the vertical, creates urban landmarks. Blaak Tower in Rotterdam is a good example: the tall, sculptural building close to the waterfront gives Rotterdam a new urban identity.
Archi-Tectonics design methodology is modeled on the industrial design process, with a focus on precision and invention. Modeling, testing, improving and IN-forming the design process, not RE-presenting the design outcome is their modus operandi. “As architects, we often undervalue the inventiveness of industrial or car design” says Dubbeldam. “But at Archi-Tectonics we believe that we can and should be concerned with high-level design precision and the integration of design and technology”.
This strategy explains their affinity to the notion of objects, as theorized by mathematician and philosopher Edmund Husserl. Derrida’s introduction to, and extremely in-depth reflection on, Husserl’s Origin of geometry (1936) describes this as follows: “This is because the mathematical object is ideal. Its being is thoroughly transparent and exhausted by its phenomenality. Absolutely objective, i.e., totally rid of empirical subjectivity, it nevertheless is only what it appears to be”.

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