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Anders Mountain Suites Gruber Architekt

Looking Out Over the Peaks

Gruber Architekt

Anders Mountain Suites Gruber Architekt
By Redazione The Plan -
Finstral has participated in the project

Freedom, silence, and a constant view of the Dolomites. At an altitude of 1,850 m, a few steps away from the Plose ski area, traditional South Tyrolean hospitality meets architecture and design with an innovative and contemporary style. The flair of architect Martin Gruber has transformed an old, historic hotel at the foot of the Italian Alps into an accommodation facility with organic, curvy lines to better fit in with its natural surroundings. Called Anders Mountain Suites, the complex features seven luxury rooms that open onto the surrounding peaks, characterized by the warmth of the materials, starting from the wood. The shape of the new building is the distinctive and identifying characteristic of this lodge: with its slightly protruding platform, the hotel opens outwards to take in the majesty of the Sass de Putia and the Odle mountain group. 

Both the private and communal spaces of the structure are generous, with simple lines that are as inviting to the eye as they are to the touch, and seek out a direct and constant contact with the external space. In this dialogue, the dematerialization of the partitions and some of the external walls plays a crucial role. The large windows, however, still guarantee an interweaving between openness, confidentiality and privacy, intimacy, simplicity and tranquility. 

In achieving such a balance, the presence of large windows is fundamental: Finstral chose and supplied large
FIN-Vista window walls and FIN-project aluminum windows, whose all-glass esthetic on the exterior side allows the natural landscape to be framed and enhanced. As the seasons change, the suites are in turn filled with the green of the trees or the pure white of the snow. 

The spacious windows act at the same time as a balance to the curved and sinuous shapes of the façade. The steel reinforcements present in all Pvc profiles of FIN-Vista contribute to the stability of the structure and in most cases allow for the use of profiles of lesser thickness. Finally, FIN-Door glass doors were chosen to meet the architect’s requirements and to ensure an entrance with minimal lines and without functional compromises. To enter the interior of Anders Mountain Suites is to immerse oneself in comfort, discretion and elegance: the desire is to preserve an environment where one can arrive, stop, and return. 

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