A new dialogue between furniture and architecture Caccaro Salone del Mobile
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A new dialogue between furniture and architecture

At Salone del Mobile, Caccaro showcases part two of its No-Wall House concept

A new dialogue between furniture and architecture Caccaro Salone del Mobile
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Caccaro has participated in the project

Last year at Salone del Mobile, Caccaro premiered its No-Wall House concept, an approach based on seeing space as a canvas for innovation, experimentation, transformation, and for harnessing the organizational potential of furnishing elements. The result was a selection of products that cast a new light on the relationship between furniture and architecture. The firm will be returning to the event this year with the second iteration of this concept, which combines different systems that reinterpret furniture as an integral part of architecture in increasingly sophisticated and innovative ways. Art director Monica Graffeo’s booth design combines the Architype, Freedhome, and Wallover systems to demonstrate their compatibility and ability to respond to contemporary living needs in terms of dimensions and finishes.

For the event, Graffeo is paying particular attention to the atmosphere of the booth, which has been overhauled with new moodboards and combinations of increasingly material-driven finishes to highlight the customizability of Caccaro’s systems.


Freedhome and Architype: continuity and harmony of furnishings that become architecture

Caccaro, No-Wall House ©Davide Lovatti, courtesy of Caccaro

The Freedhome system can transform any wall into a storage space, while blurring the distinction between living and sleeping areas. It’s therefore much more than a closet and much more than a wall, but a modular system with high potential: the more modules there are, the more it’s a composition; the more compositions there are, the more it becomes a wall. Freedhome is also self-standing, which means it can be used to divide rooms without building work. And each element has hidden potential for architects and designers to explore, offering them numerous possibilities for customization.

The Architype system, which includes paneling and doors that maintain a constant dialogue with each other, reexamines the concept of walls, making it possible to create new rooms using nothing but furnish elements. Designed by Caccaro in collaboration with Graffeo, the system creates fluid environments and multifunctional spaces that integrate perfectly with each other. The paneling covers walls, corners, and columns, but also seamlessly combines with Freedhome to create double-sided compositions. Finally, Architype doors make it possible to create passages between adjacent rooms.


Finishes: stimulating design creativity

Caccaro, No-Wall House ©Davide Lovatti, courtesy of Caccaro

Caccaro’s systems offer increasingly innovative ways to model space with a range of combinable materials and finishes. Different colors, materials, and tactile surfaces all serve as a stimulus to design creativity. The palette of lacquered finishes has been updated and is now a part of the system along with other material-driven finishes. Finally, new variants of Kera (Stone Gray, Gray, and Anthracite), the new canneté, and the relaunch of Natural Wood mean even higher levels of customizability and even more harmonious compositions.

More info: www.caccaro.com


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Photography by Davide Lovatti, courtesy of Caccaro

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