A cloudlike finish that brings light to spaces
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A cloudlike finish that brings light to spaces

Architects opt for Deco Nuvolato in Light Gray, supplied by Isoplam

Roberto Nicoletti Architettura & Design

A cloudlike finish that brings light to spaces
By Editorial Staff -
Isoplam has participated in the project

For this renovation project, the architects created a rational building that reflects both tradition and a connection to the local stone, which was used to build the fortress in the town of Asolo. The headquarters of shoe manufacturer Calzaturificio Scarpa, the building was renovated by Roberto Nicoletti Architettura e Design. The firm identified concrete as the best material to underscore the project’s connection to its context and to assume a lead role in the architecture itself. Light alone gives the concrete a depth of texture comparable to a stone wall’s, its chromatic uniformity enhanced by the soft tones of Deco Nuvolato Isoplam concrete color hardener. The result is spaces with a bright, contemporary appearance.

From among the choice of over 30 colors, the architects opted for Light Gray. This shade sets the scene from the main entrance, combining with timber as you go deeper into the building. The same effect is also a distinctive feature in the entrance to the offices and meeting rooms.

Deco Nuvolato added a brushstroke of elegance to the building’s industrial style, with one of its key features being an interplay of colors with darker shades emerging from a light background. But the most important characteristic of the surfacing is the exceptional performance provided by its cement and quartz components, and light- and UV-resistant pigments. Thanks to this continuous surface and its innovative finish, floors become a central element of any design, even defining an entire architectural project by creating a harmony with its setting through an understated elegance.


Deco Nuvolato characteristics

Calzaturificio Scarpa, Roberto Nicoletti Architettura e Design ©Marco Zanta, courtesy of Isoplam

The thinness of the Isoplam product means existing floors can be finished without having to demolish them, this obviously representing a major saving in time and costs. The hardener can be quickly and easily applied to ceramic, tiles, marble, concrete, sand-cement screeds, and self-levelling toppings, giving old, worn surfaces a sophisticated, fresh appearance.

Excellent adhesion coupled with high resistance to impact, chemicals, atmospheric agents, abrasion, cracking, and frost – and, with the addition of special sealants, water-repellent, stain-proofing, and dust-proofing properties – mean that Deco Nuvolato can be used in situations with underfloor heating. The absence of joints makes its decorative surface easy to clean, while its water-based composition doesn’t release any substances that are hazardous to people or the environment, making it fully compliant with building regulations.

More info: www.isoplam.co.uk


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Photography by Marco Zanta, courtesy of Isoplam

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