Sberla di Pero by Cadorin
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Sberla di Pero by Cadorin
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Sberla di Pero by Cadorin

  • Sberla di Pero by Cadorin

    So the new collection Cadorin “TOC DE TOE” was born – in dialect of Veneto “pieces of planks” – a collection that contains the most beautiful secrets of the wood and relives them in unique furniture pieces, such as tables, kitchen worktops, washbasin tops, beds or sofas ... Inspired by nature and its ability to forge, “Toc de Toe” collection creates a continuum between the floor and the furniture, giving the possibility to coordinate or contrast various surfaces, to make amazing and extraordinary effects.
    Or it can be treated as other furnishings or interior design, easily feasible for the infinite variety of finishes and handicraft workings that Cadorin already make daily. Nothing was changed, the plank cut from the trunk is left in the natural forms, and the table “Sberla di Pero” is produced only by 4 pieces of wood: 2 planks for the top and 2 for the legs. In fact you can see in the table the union of the two planks in their original curved shape, the top is then inserted on solid legs of the same cutting wood, finally the table is finished with natural oil.
    “Sberla di Pero” always in dialect of Veneto means a table of Pear with a huge dimensions top.
    These pieces are then unique, non-­?repeatable just for the fact that only nature can draw the wood, in addition the recovery of the raw material isn’t very easy. Cadorin in fact working continuously huge quantities of wood for other purposes (in the case of Cadorin parquet planks production) can set aside and extract some large plant "unique -­? original" and shaped by the nature itself!! Then the carpenters Cadorin take these "sberle" of authentic rustic planks and transform them into as many unique pieces of the collection TOC DE TOE.
    The Pear is a wood that is selected by Cadorin with the logo More Wood Fewer Km: its supplying is made in fact within a distance of 300 km from the site of the company, making a contribution to reducing the impact on climate change caused by greenhouse gases from transport. But not only that, because the philosophy of the collection is also to not waste anything of that the nature produces: the woods used for the complements Toc de Toe in fact come from the warehouse of Cadorin, where they have been stored over the years until the company has not decided to utilize them by transforming them into pieces of pure design.


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