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Marmor Natvm
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Marmor Natvm

  • Marmor Natvm

    The new Marmor Natvm (“birth of stone”) collection by Gwenael Nicolas - Curiosity for Budri, designed as a tribute to the poetry of nature, will be presented at Salone del Mobile 2019. A combination of sophisticated technology and outstanding craftsmanship results in the creation of new stones. Marble is decomposed and recomposed. It comes to life, expressing itself in new models and forms. An explosion of tiny inlays, original brushstrokes whose sophisticated process vanishes, leaving only a trace of its origins. White and black marbles alternate with bright geometric patterns. With their sinuous, gentle movement, the stones free the mind from preconceptions of hardness and rigidity. There are inlays between the marbles, which, with skilful craftsmanship and extraordinary ability, represent the primitive origin of the stone, the trembling of the earth that creates the rock and the explosion of marble like a real Big Bang. The collection dedicated to the Contract world includes living room tables, consoles, lamps, mirrors and bookcases. Accessories that leave a strong, bold mark on a space like an artist’s final brushstroke on a canvas.


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