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  • Leelo

    With Leelo, Laufen has added to its existing mirror offer to create an extensive collection of mirrors that bring comfort and light into the bathroom. Leelo features a range of sizes and versions that go beautifully with a variety of bathroom designs and ambiances. And because of its understated design, Leelo looks at home in any bathroom. With Leelo, Laufen presents a universal mirror collection featuring timelessly elegant styling and different color temperatures to grace your bathroom with seductive mood lighting whilst allowing users to make precise variations to suit their own different requirements. Leelo features not only different mirror sizes but users can also select from one of the three different comfort and control versions. All Leelo models have an integrated horizontal LED strip light at the top of the mirror that illuminates not only the personal care zone in front of the user but also the user themselves, subtly and without dazzling. In the first variation, the user can switch the neutral white main light (4000 Kelvin) on and off at the light switch. But for those who prefer touch-sensitive light controls, Laufen offers a second Leelo variation with sensor switch that can also dim the light. In addition, the mirror’s integrated memory function saves the most recent brightness setting. In addition to the main light, the third version features an ambient light that illuminates the bathroom appropriately at any time of the day or night. In this model, the light color and intensity can be set to different levels according to user preferences and also dimmed, from warm white mood lighting (2700 Kelvin), through neutral white (4000 Kelvin) all the way to bright daylight (6000 Kelvin). The new Leelo mirrors come in ten standard widths, from 450 to 1,800 mm, to match the Laufen washbasins. All three mirror versions are available in every mirror size.



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