Hook - Jean Nouvel meets up with Methis
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Hook - Jean Nouvel meets up with Methis
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Hook - Jean Nouvel meets up with Methis

  • Hook - Jean Nouvel meets up with Methis

    The changing concept of the workspace, and the need to design versatile furnishings adapting to fluctuating needs whilst ensuring health and comfort, have thrown down a huge challenge to companies in this line of business. Methis have picked up this challenge and put all their energy into designing indoor partition walls and office furnishing systems that are forward-looking in technology, design and multi-purpose potential. Hook is one such accessoried dividing wall: designed by Jean Nouvel, it combines performance, good looks, environmental sustainability and safety. Hook makes an aesthetic impact with its fully corrugated surface - a deliberate reference to Jean Prouvé and his work - upon which the light casts an original 3-D effect. Versatility here lies in the broad range of accessories: Hook can serve as a container, archive, display unit or support, an asset to office interior furnishing. The materials used are stratified: this gives the wall high sound absorption and sound insulation, raising the standard of acoustic comfort in the workplace. Employing recycled and recyclable materials, devoid of noxious substances or plastic gaskets, Hook is particularly suitable for bio-constructions and special requirements of resistance/reaction to fire. The corrugated aluminium skin, gypsum-fibre panels and air cavity form an efficient heat exchanger: the wall can become an active part in a low-energy heating and cooling system.

    Via Ligabue, 2
    I - 42040 Caprara di Campegine (RE)
    Tel. +39 0522 904711
    Fax +39 0522 904810
    E-mail: info@methis.com


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