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Contemporary Wallpaper
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Contemporary Wallpaper

  • Contemporary Wallpaper

    “All moments, past, present and future always have existed, always will exist”.
    Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

    "No Barriers" is the spirit of the Contemporary Wallpaper 2019 collection, which transcends any kind of cultural and stylistic limit. A vision of "permanent time" in line with Kurt Vonnegut, which embraces an inclusive and synchronous conception of creativity. A world made of different inspirations, the coexistence of different languages, from minimalism to global, each with its own stories and suggestions.
    Progressive Anarchy: a Cabaret Voltaire for our times, where an apparent lack of rules reveals a rigorous rock-bottom, taking in optical-art and cubist quotes as well as irony and cartoony influences. This collection loves monochrome, pairing primal geometry with bold brush strokes. Shines of tribal stars and shines new light on classic floral decors by adding abstract patterns and transparent layers.
    Intimate Layering: contributing a new 3-D value to vertical surfaces, in a ton-sur-ton aesthetics. Through addition: with an orchestration of overlapping layers. Through subtraction: with interruptions in surface and rotations between full and empty spaces. Through refraction: with counterpoints of glossy and matt finishings. Feelings get center stage thanks to a rose tone than shifts closer to unsaturated flesh-color, in a never-before-seen opposition with a salmon shade, desaturated as well. Adds grey to create an intimate, introspective dimension.
    Global Natives: craftsmen in a global village, where there is no “coming from” but only excellence in the art of making. Celebrates the hand that forges and tames raw matter. Arts&Crafts for the 21st Century, fully involved in new technologies used to highlight 3-D effects. Warm colors that call to mind earthly tones: brown, Sienna, beige, up to the red palette shifting towards orange shades.


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