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    Heating, air conditioning, lighting and shading are not everything when it comes to smart buildings. Buildings become more worth living in - more convenient, more energy efficient and safer - when elements from different product groups of the building communicate with each other. That is the case for GEZE Cockpit, the first door, window and safety technology system. It enables system integration with BACnet and KNX, smart networking, central operation and monitoring of automated GEZE products. The function of doors and windows can be adapted to suit current user behavior, or environmental conditions such as temperature, air quality or weather. The new building automation system can work independently, or be integrated into a building management system. The integrated networking of door and window technology with smart software and open BACnet interfaces provides completely new options when it comes to automating buildings for planners and operators. Doors and windows can be operated intelligently because data from other participants and partial systems can also be used with BACnet. They can therefore be controlled and monitored with the highest degree of precision. Doors and windows open and close in a time- or event-controlled manner. GEZE Cockpit helps to save energy costs and conserve natural resources. In the age of climate change, the product is a forward-looking system which enables us all to contribute to protecting the climate. It improves the efficiency of facility management - so inspection walkways to doors and windows are no longer needed. All elements connected to GEZE Cockpit report their status back. This means that unwanted door behavior, alarm or error messages can be immediately identified. GEZE Cockpit is operated with browser-based software and up to 62 GEZE products can be connected to any system. Whether it is installed in office buildings, shopping centers, clinics, exhibition halls or airports, the system can be adapted to meet individual demands. We enter networking projects early on and support them intensively with our technical and specialist skills, because the GEZE Cockpit is only one of many. For this purpose, we connect all parties involved in building development in an efficient network and provide inspirational impulses. This means that none of the needs of our customers or partners, the building users and operators or the building itself are forgotten.


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