BauBuche - Beechwood constructions
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BauBuche - Beechwood constructions
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Pollmeier Massivholz
BauBuche - Beechwood constructions

  • BauBuche - Beechwood constructions

    Pollmeier is a German group that uses PEFC certified hardwood from local, sustainable forests in its sawmills. In recent years, it has developed a new technology process to manufacture laminated veneer lumber from beech of high strength for structural elements. This product range, named BauBuche, spans from boards and beams for structural timber building to panels for furniture and interior design. Expressed in other terms, the range goes from small pieces right up to 18 m long beams and boards. BauBuche laminated veneer boards (40, 60 and 80 mm thick) come in two versions: the S board, where the bonding is parallel to the grain (ideal for bar-shaped items); and the Q board, which also has cross-layers and is ideal for load-bearing walls and large panels. BauBuche beams are exceptionally strong, making them ideal for slim structures with large spans. Technically, they are made using strips of S or Q boards, if reduced thickness is required, or by bonding together 40 mm S boards to create beams from from 120 to 1.360 mm section hight. Sanding helps to add an aesthetically pleasing touch. BauBuche panels can be used as table tops or cladding for walls, ceilings and floors that are as hard as industrial flooring. These panels can be machined like hardwood to produce lovely results that can even be finished further.

    Pollmeier Massivholz
    Pferdsdorfer Weg 6
    D - 99831 Creuzburg
    Tel. +49 (0)36926 945-0
    Fax +49 (0)36926 945-100



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