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Lighting Solutions

  • Architecture

    Since 1952, 3F Filippi has been producing hi-tech lighting systems, based at Pianoro in the province of Bologna. One of the first companies to manufacture and sell fluorescent lighting solutions, it has grown into an international leader in the professional lighting industry over the decades, sticking to its winning formula of research and development tied to working with the leading lighting designers. These two aspects have proved fundamental in ensuring clients always receive quality lighting that is regulatory compliant. The technical and design excellence 3F Filippi has become associated with over the years has been central to the partnerships developed with leading Italian global brands, such as Ferrari, Maserati, Barilla and Tod’s. At the same time, the company’s client base has gradually broadened, extending its range of work from offices, public healthcare facilities, major transport infrastructure projects to cultural assets and even schools. 3F Filippi is fully Made in Italy, with production never even moved away from the Pianoro plant, which now has about 300 workers. Keeping the production line completely Italian is an essential prerequisite for achieving the desired levels of excellence, especially as the company has chosen to use internal resources optimally to avoid the need to outsource. Today, after being in business for 65 years, 3F Filippi has chosen once again to increase its sphere of operations, entering into the world of lighting for architecture, with the goal of becoming a trusted partner for architects. Consequently, the company is constantly seeking real dialogue with professionals to identify and tackle the lighting problems faced in the design stage. 3F Filippi believes that only a constant relationship, built on listening and dialogue, can ensure optimal solutions are studied and produced, making products that are not only regulatory compliant but also achieve the same excellent standards reached in other industries.



    Via del Savena, 28 - I -40065 Pianoro (BO)
    Tel. +39 051 6529611
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