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TPJ Vol7 - Issue2
TPJ Vol7 - Issue2
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From Question to Right
Maurizio Sabini

The Right to Housing: A Holistic Perspective.From Concept to Advocacy, Policy, and Practice
Ron Shiffman

A Right to Housing: A Compelling Idea and an Elusive Reality
Rachel G. Bratt

At Home with the Collective: Hilberseimer, Labor Unions, and the Women’s Movement
Alexander Eisenschmidt

The Right to Housing: Architectural Composition as a Solution
Claudio Meninno

Countering the “Troublesome Unit”: Compensatory Design to Create Equity in Social Housing
Christina Bollo

At Home from Emergency Shelters to Temporary Living
Barbara Angi, Irene Peron, Barbara Badiani

The Watershed House: A Water Harvesting Prototypefor Vulnerable Communities
Dahlia Nduom, Martín Paddack

Hybrid Mass Timber + Additive Construction: Projectingan Urbanistic Building System for Social Housing
Yong Huang, Jack Collins

Central State Infill: Middle Housing Solutions in Oklahoma City (USA)
Francesco Cianfarani

Surplus Land: How Architecture Can Transform UnderutilizedPublic Properties into Affordable Housing
Lorcan O’Herlihy

Listening as a Methodology, Longevity as a Goal: London’s Tustin Estate Master Plan as a Case Study for Community-Led Design Development
Judith Stichtenoth, Ann Dingli

Five Esthetics of the Global Development Industry: Building Low-Cost Housing in Rwanda
Yutaka Sho

Incremental Development Manual: Toward a Cooperative Model of Housing in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)
Joshua Bolchover, Jersey Poon

Experimenting with Mass-Housing Regeneration: Two Pioneer Actions in Bolzano (Italy) as Part of the SINFONIA Project
Fabio Lepratto

A Modular Approach to Colonia Landscapes in Texas’ Lower Rio Grande Valley
Ian Caine, Gabriel Díaz Montemayor

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