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TPJ Vol6 - Issue2
TPJ Vol6 - Issue2
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Beyond Performance
Maurizio Sabini

Human Time as a Resource: Twelve Strategies for Re-thinking Urban Materiality
Anupama Kundoo

2 in 1 – A Playful Approach to the Sustainable Use of Building Materials
Angie Müller-Puch, Erik Hegre, Michael Innerarity

Wood City: Timberizing the City’s Building Blocks
Stephen Luoni

Re-Emergence of the Vernacular: The Material Aspirations and the Vanishing Continuum of the Immaterial 
Chaitra Sharad, Sanket Mhatre

Silver Tower. Bio-Engineered Matter with Silver Skin
Sung Ho Kim

Salt as a Building Material: Current Status and Future Opportunities
Vesna Pungercar, Florian Musso

Reading (Hidden) Dialogue of Organic Tectonics
Resza Riskiyanto, Yandi Andri Yatmo, Paramita Atmodiwirjo

Performance-Based Computational Design and Fabrication for a Resilient Solution: Dredged Material for Masonry Vault Construction
BoSheng Liu, Rui Liu

Material as Common Good: Feedstock Valorization in Building Materials Using Biochar as a Case Study
James Forren


Woven Blocks: A Tectonic/Typological Investigation into the Potential of FDM Printing
Genevieve Baudoin, Bruce A. Johnson

Material Dynamics in Architecture
Vera Parlac

Research Towards Shape-Changing Composites with Thermal Responsiveness: 4D Print Experiments in Small Scale
Michaela Gebetsroither, Oliver Schürer

Book Review
The Materiality of Architecture
Stamatina Kousidi


Title THE PLAN Journal - Vol 6 - Issue 2
Publisher Gruppo Maggioli S.p.A.
Number of pages 570
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Language English
Release 2021
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